Sunshine Blogger Award (+Update…why not?)

Hmm, I was supposed to express my feelings of the many years I’ve been doing this next month, but I’ll give a summary. It’s been difficult but for the most part, I feel it’s been worth it all and slowly, but surely, I’ve gotten myself into the community, especially when we share the same love of…something.

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Update (as of 21/01/2015)

Hi, The Every Gamer here

Now for two years I’ve been using Blogger, uploading many game reviews, but while some people viewed it, nobody actually commented to see how I could improve. My first game review I ever done was in WordPress for a college project on how to make a blog, but since then I used Blogger to post my reviews, recently I returned to WordPress and upload reviews from Blogger.

People have actually commented, people have actually liked some of the blogs. I might have a small audience, but I guess it’s the best place to start. So like I said in Blogger many times, I would like to improve on my reviews and give you the best of my ability, recommend my blog to others, comment on your opinions of my reviews and follow me. I know these kinds of things are annoying but it’s amazing how I turn to WordPress and people already¬†acknowledging this blog far more than Blogger ever has.

I’ll be uploading reviews here, maybe some from my old Blogger site but especially some new ones. I’m still doing the PlayStation reviews, my next review is Crash Bandicoot 2.

Thanks and enjoy the blog