Mini-Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade & II: The Arcade Game (NES))

I’ve talked about these green Ninja Turtles for a bit and I played the NES port…it wasn’t really good. But today, I’ll be reviewing two games…albeit, one Arcade game and a port.

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Random Review Double Bill: Ballz & Yume Penguin Monogatari

IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! And 2016 was complete garbage in every way possible, I was going to list all the problems with this year but…most of you already have opinions on it. I’m quite scared of 2017, prepare for the apocalypse! Joking aside, at least we have Christmas and no one can take that away from us…unless that one person who worships a Carrot can ruin Christmas in one way or another, I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyway, how about two small reviews in one because I want to do something with them.

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