A Small Blog Update 2018

Hi Everyone!

This is an small update to my blog. I spent the weekend going through every single review and cleaning them up in some way. Here’s what I’ve done:

-Any screenshots I got online and weren’t captured by me have been removed UNLESS I show a reference so you know where I got the screenshots from or find a free press kit if possible (Though game covers don’t count). Years ago, I wasn’t a very wise person, but now I can take screenshots for most stuff, though some consoles, like the PlayStation 2,┬áis impossible for me to get screenshots so if you see a PlayStation 2 review without screenshots, then this is the reason. Some older reviews will be pictureless as a result, but I hope my words will take more of an interest to you.

-My writing has improved since a couple of years ago (Well I hope it has). Some reviews have now been labeled as ‘Old Review’. Reasons for some reviews getting this label are as follows:

*They will be or have been re-reviewed.

*The review is of absolute low quality compared to my reviews of now.

-Any links to social media sites have been removed.

And that’s should be it, back to gaming!