Mini-Review: Gremlins 2: The New Batch (NES)

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The Every Gamer is on Instagram

So yeah, I’m on Instagram…not fond of it but it is what it is and I’ll get used to it like Twitter.

So, what do you get to see on my page?

Random Game Pickups

Well for those who look up my monthly gaming pickup posts, you get to see what I bought that previous month. So on Instagram, you get to see the games I bought on the day or earlier before you ever get to see the pickup posts. So if you want to see what I bought recently without having to wait for the month after, then check out my Instagram page:



Yep, I will be on break for August…kind of. I was planning on just posting nothing this month. However, there’s one problem with that…Sonic Mania. And since it’s a game I’ve been looking forward to for ages to the point where I even pre-ordered the game, it’s something I will definitely review as soon as I’ve had some experience with it.

I might even do a recap of all the classic Sonic games before Mania’s impending release, but after the Mania review, that’s it until September. So let me be clear, my normal schedule has been omitted until next month.

But if you’re not interested in Sonic, then I’ll see you in September with another game marathon.

[Restoring] My first mod: a region-free NES

I was going to do this kind of tutorial myself, but this fits the bill. As a PAL gamer, importing NES games can be difficult and properly modding would be pricey and risky if you’re a beginner. So here’s a way to mod an NES with only a few simple tools.

I ❤ Old Games!

Hello guys,

If someone last year had told me that in summer 2017 I would have mod a console, I would have considered him a fool. My only console back then was my old NES and I thought I’ve lost it somewhere since I’ve found it again in my basement. Then I started to creater my own little collection and as you may imagine, NES was alway my main reference. Since it was my first console I tried to find as many games as possible and nowadays I have a small collection of 20 titles. Not much, I know, and most of them are the most common but you always need a starting point before reaching your goal, isn’t it?

The main “problem” with NES games is the region lock: not only the PAL games are way less than the NTSC games (more or less only half of the games…

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