Hello, I’m The Every Gamer. So I’ve been doing freelance game reviews for a good few years. I’ve come a long way since my very first review of Super Mario Land and I’ve been reviewing games since then. So why do I do this? Why do I even continue to do this despite not being huge, I don’t get a lot of people seeing this blog but it doesn’t really matter, I enjoy doing these reviews, I like playing games and I like reviewing them, another gamer giving his point of view on a random game. Also, reviews come out every Tuesday and Saturday

So for those who might have stumbled upon this blog, I review games and do some other stuff, but I’ve grown to think of other ways to review certain games, so here’s what I do:

Full Reviews: These are the normal reviews you’ll get every week.

Topical: Sometimes I could give my opinions of random things, gaming and non-gaming related…whenever I do that.

Series Marathon: So I’ve recently started to do a series of reviews for a particular series. If you want to see a list of series I’ve reviewed, click here.

Random Game Pickups: So on the first of every month, I will publish a post of games I picked up in the previous months. But, if you want to see what I picked up during that current month before these posts, you can follow me on Instagram for that.



YouTube: I also do video stuff, mostly reviews. Froban Saloon and Poppie are two series where I review games. Froban Saloon is for obscure stuff, and Poppie is for more popular games. If you want to check out my channel, click here.


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