Hello, I’m The Every Gamer. So I’ve been doing freelance game reviews for a good few years. I’ve come a long way since my very first review of Super Mario Land and I’ve been reviewing games since then. So why do I do this? Why do I even continue to do this despite not being huge, I don’t get a lot of people seeing this blog but it doesn’t really matter, I enjoy doing these reviews, I like playing games and I like reviewing them, another gamer giving his/her point of view on a random game (I’m male, I don’t know why I put her but it’s supposed to say I’m another gamer who puts their two cents on a game…yeah, I think that’s a good explanation). Also, reviews come out every Tuesday.

So for those who might have stumbled upon this blog, I review games and do some other stuff, but I’ve grown to think of other ways to review certain games, so here’s what I do:

Full Reviews: These are the normal reviews you’ll get every week.

Top 10: The only top 10’s I’ve done are games I’ve wanted to play and collect as in physical copies and whatnot. To see a list of these…lists, click on this link.

Topical: Sometimes I could give my opinions of random things, gaming and non-gaming related, the latest one I did was the Diversity of the Oscars.

Series Marathon: So I’ve recently started to do a series of reviews for a particular series, inspired by SomecallmeJohnny and his marathon of reviews based on one franchise. The first one I’m doing is Zelda month, reviewing the first four Zelda games, starting with The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The other two are coming soon as of this update. I continue to do this, in fact, I plan on doing the Wario Land games, Kirby, and I’m especially doing the Sonic games so look out for that very soon.

Random Games: I…well, I started with the Why I’m not Continuing series, and it’s sister series, I Tried (they might be a few but we’ll see), but now I’m doing a series of random games based on what console it was released in at the moment. These are basically my short experiences but I think they get the job done and I can play games worth my time…albeit games I’ve wanted to play for years.

Now there are some series I’m going to stop:

Holiday Months: Especially Halloween, though I may review something for Halloween, as in one or maybe two and Christmas month isn’t going to be a thing because there isn’t really any Christmas games.

Cap-Vember: This…was a controversial series seeing as I made a review in November EVERY DAY. Another issue is that I posted links every day on Retro Collect, until someone was fed up with this and accused me of spamming. And so I had to stop, think and apologise for that, so from now on, reviews will be every Tuesday and nothing more, even for special series.

I guess that’s it, for the future, I would like to do RPGs. Thanks for reading, if you want to see my Facebook page to be updated with the latest content, click on this link.

Also, I want to recommend a website I use all the time, Retro Collect (http://www.retrocollect.com/), here, you can read gaming news, read guides, listen to their podcast, being part of a community and going to forums. If you’re a video game collector, from Atari 2600 to the Nintendo Wii, there is a database and you can record what games you have based on consoles, if you can collect all games for a console for example…then it’s basically bragging rights. It’s a feature I use and may have gotten me to collect any game so long as I have the console they have in the database, even the obscure consoles are in the database too.


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