Random Game Pickups – July 2017

The first two games I got at Keech Hospice Care.


Top Gun: Combat Zones – HIGHWAY TO THE TITUS ZONE! Only now did I realise that this is a Titus game. For those who don’t know, they developed Superman 64, considered to be the worst games ever made…albeit on a list of awful games. Welp, can anything be worse than Top Gun on the NES. I got it for 50p.


Def Jam: Icon – Look at this douchebag, telling other black kids that the only way to get by is to live the highlife and you got to record those mixtapes, they’re on fire right? But hey, listen to most of the music from rappers and YOU TOO will be a complete and utter ignorant f***head with nothing to truly give to the black community except for music that tell you how to be a d***. So why did I buy this? I don’t know, it was cheap and it’s a game, and I have to look at this. I got it for £1.


Obake no Q-taro WanWan Panic, Ninja Hattori-kun & Kinnikuman Muscle Tag Match – Continuing my Famicom collecting, and I happen to find someone on ebay who was selling a bunch of them, some got a few, I managed to get the remaining three, and most of them are decent apart from Kinnikuman, that was…UUH! I got them on ebay for 99p + £1.30 P+P each.


Sonic Free Riders – Went to a car boot sale, and I found nothing, except for this degenerate pile of s***. I would have skipped it if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a Kinect…which still hasn’t to this day been taken out of the box, but I’ll try this out one day after I play the first two Sonic Riders games. I got it for £1.


The Legend Of Zelda: The Twilight Princess HD – You have no idea how long it took me to get this game at a reasonable price…well as close to reasonable. I wanted to get this as soon as possible because I do a month of Zelda every February, so next year you’ll get The Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. So thanks to this purchase, everything is according to plan. I got it on ebay for £20 & £1.30 P+P.


Pilotwings 64Pilotwings on the SNES was a launch title that showed off the capabilities of Mode 7…it hasn’t dated all that well. Pilotwings 64 was the launch title for the Nintendo 64…although this one isn’t as fondly remembered…albeit not as remembered as the first game…or even the 3DS sequel, Pilotwings Resort. But I have this game and it was going to show the 3D capabilities of the N64…and that’s about it. I got it on CeX for £5.


Baby Universe – Well this…sure was a random find. Went into a charity shop and found a bunch of PS1 games that I already have…except for this one, I have never seen this but it was a proper Sony game, so I paid £2.99 for it and whilst the package has seen better days, the disc was in great condition. This game…isn’t a game at all, it’s software that lets you screw around with shapes and you can use CD music to play alongside the moving shapes. I don’t know what the heck is going on but hey-ho, it’s considered a rarity.

These two games I got from CeX:


Armored Core 2 – Dammit Japan, where’s the U in Armored, this is too f***** up and distracting for me as a Brit. And it still hasn’t been changed in future games. Anyway, before Dark Souls, From Software made this series…just some trivia about the game itself. I got it for £1.


18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker – One of Sega’s Arcade…well it exists. Trucks galore and it…exists. And I only bought it because it’s a port of a Sega Arcade game…until I realised that it was originally ported to Dreamcast. I mean sure the price is higher (not expensive but the price is higher than this port), but it’s from Sega so…well double dipping is my game. I got it for 50p.

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