[Restoring] My first mod: a region-free NES

I was going to do this kind of tutorial myself, but this fits the bill. As a PAL gamer, importing NES games can be difficult and properly modding would be pricey and risky if you’re a beginner. So here’s a way to mod an NES with only a few simple tools.

I ❤ Old Games!

Hello guys,

If someone last year had told me that in summer 2017 I would have mod a console, I would have considered him a fool. My only console back then was my old NES and I thought I’ve lost it somewhere since I’ve found it again in my basement. Then I started to creater my own little collection and as you may imagine, NES was alway my main reference. Since it was my first console I tried to find as many games as possible and nowadays I have a small collection of 20 titles. Not much, I know, and most of them are the most common but you always need a starting point before reaching your goal, isn’t it?

The main “problem” with NES games is the region lock: not only the PAL games are way less than the NTSC games (more or less only half of the games…

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