Random Game Pickups – June 2017


Space Hulk (Vita) – Finally, after 3000 years, I finally got a second physical Vita game. After getting a new Vita Slim in May, I’ve decided to try and get more Vita games…word being try…in that the prices for good games were overwhelming. So I’m just finding any cheap deal, and this was the example of this. This is Space Hulk. When I was a child, I had seen the title of a PS1 game of the same name in a cheat book, and I thought Space Hulk was the Incredible Hulk in space…oh, that exists, it’s called Planet Hulk, took me a while. I had never heard of this Warhammer 40K series…then again, I don’t know much of it. I got it for £6 at CeX.


The Lawnmower Man (SNES) – I’ve never seen the film, and that bloody early 90’s CGI looks freaky as f***. But from what I tested, nothing about it makes me want to watch the movie. I got it for £8 at CeX.


Rayman Origins (Vita) – I’m once again on a journey to find more Vita games and this is my third one, Rayman Origins, and it’s one I’ve played a bit of somewhere, but it’s good from what I’ve played and I’ll try to play other games in the past until I get to this one. I got it at Cash Converters for £6.99.


DuckTales Remastered (PS3)DuckTales, WOOHOO! And the only reason this is a thing is because the NES games are surprisingly good. I saw this game as a downloadable game and I never thought it would ever be released physically…well in Europe, it only got a retail PS3 release, so no Xbox 360 or even Wii U physical release. Oh well, us Europeans are lucky enough to even get a physical release. I got it for £8 at CeX.


Test Drive II: The Duel – Or The Duel: Test Drive II, probably to sound cool. It’s a racing game from MS-DOS that came to consoles because f*** typing stuff to open a game, just press a button and rev up your engines. I think it’s a series I’ll start reviewing when I’m ready…like I said with other game series. 3D Sonic marathon continues. I got it for £5 at Cash Converters.


Ex-Mutants – At first, when I saw the title, I thought this was an X-Men spin-off. So I did some research to find out that it has nothing to do with that series. This is a comic book series set in a post-apocalyptic future where people have been mutated from toxins in the environment. There’s also evil mutants, heh, is there a brotherhood too? Anyway, I don’t know if it’s ever been fondly remembered, now this is coming from a British person where comic books themselves are very niche, then again, we have Judge Dredd, you’re welcome world. So here’s the video game adaptation of Ex-Mutants…in which I haven’t heard of anyone ever talking about it. Now’s my chance. I got it for £6 at CeX.


Castrol Honda Superbike Racing – Went to Cash Converter, this was 60p, I didn’t have it. Bought!


Freedom Wars – Another day, another Vita game, I’m on a roll son! I don’t know much about it other than it’s supposed to be good and the main character is sentenced to 1 million years. Well s***, it looks like the US has taken over the world and has brought their silly sentences with them. Joking aside, it looks interesting, it’s made by Japan, so you know it’s good s***…ok, that’s not true, not all games from Japan are going to be good. I got it for £10 at CeX.


Super Smash Bros. Melee (Japanese Version) –  I thought this was going to be a cursed game for me. I first bought this for £8.99 on ebay, but it got lost in post, so I spent ages trying to find a cheap copy of this. I managed to find one and buy it. But then I had to wait for most of the month, and HERE IT IS!

Now for those wondering why I got a Japanese Version instead of a PAL version, the PAL version is hard to find cheap, and the Japanese version is much cheaper. But one of the benefits of this version is that the game has a fully English language option, meaning that the game is near similar in language to the other releases…but the western version have had tweaks to gameplay so if I ever review this, please keep in mind about the fact that I’m reviewing the Japanese version. I got it on ebay for £6.59 and £3.10 P+P.

The next three games I got at CeX.


Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (Sega Master System) – I was trying to find the Mega Drive port…but here’s the Master System port. The game plays similar to the original, but its limitations make it a much more difficult game. For those who don’t know what this is supposed to be based on, it’s a movie licensed title, based on a movie, an ego trip for the King of Pop…just watch Smooth Criminal and that’s where the legendary music video came from. I got it for £4.


The Terminator (Sega Master System) – Another Master System game. This time, it’s a movie licensed Terminator game. I’ve already reviewed the Sega Mega Drive version way back when and whilst it’s a game you can beat in 15 minutes, this game is absolutely hard from what I tested. TIME FOR THAT GAME GENIE SON! I got it for £4.


Disney’s The Jungle Book – Third time’s the WTF, another movie licensed title, but this one is from Disney, so the quality might be good…well in terms of the Sega Mega Drive. And I managed to get it boxed…which I felt disgruntled because of space but I collect game so I have to appreciate a boxed copy, it was still cheap nonetheless, a bargain, the essentials for the collection…the bare necessities…I’ll just take my coat. I got it for £4.

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