Random Game Pickups – May 2017

These pickups I collected from CeX in Milton Keynes:


Nintendo DS Lite – Silver – I have an original DS, DSi and 3DS. Might as well add a lite to the roster. I got it for £25, and it’s actually in good condition.


California Games (NES) – Here’s California Games, as seen in JonTron. And no, I still don’t know how most of these games work. It’s a series of sports that were cool back in the day but now look stupid…says the guy who doesn’t like much sports to begin with. I got it for £5.


Dr. Mario (NES) – I already have this on the Game Boy, but I guess having a coloured version on the 8-bit home console is still great to have. So get ready to be a Doctor where you shove capsules where the sun don’t shine. I got it for £6.


Ready 2 Rumble Boxing – This is probably the most prominent boxing game on the Sega Dreamcast…before it got ported to the PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. I got it for £4.


Shadow Man – This is a game I’ve heard about many times. I know it’s based off a comic book series that was (and I guess was still) popular at the time. When it came to making a franchise out of this, the publishers I guess took to video games to increase comic book sales.  I got it for £4.


Ryse: Son of Rome – I remember when the Xbox One was announced…it wasn’t the most successful. This was a launch title for the console and when I saw gameplay of it, consisting of repetitive quick-time events, I was like, “Yeah, no thanks!”. But it’s cheap, used and covered in someone’s thumbnail prints, so it’s time to make good use of it by playing it once and never touching it again…isn’t gaming fun? I got it for £6.


Time Crisis: Razing Storm – This long time franchise that hasn’t had a game in two years and the last one was only released for the Arcades. This was the one chance to market the PlayStation Move…yeah, jog on Sony. I bought this because you actually get three games in one, including the Arcade version of Time Crisis 4. So what’s the difference between the Arcade and console version of Time Crisis 4? Please, I want to know. I got it for £2.50.


Outland/From Dust/ Beyond Good & Evil HD – I’ve been looking for this compilation for ages and I managed to find, mostly for Beyond Good & Evil, but the two extra games aren’t a bad deal either. I got it for £8.


Disaster: Day of Crisis – Do you like those disaster films of the 90’s. I sure don’t care and it’s published by Nintendo. But who developed it? Monolith Soft! REALLY? As in Xenoblade Chronicles Monolith Soft? Oh, and assisted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but who really cares? I got it for £1.


Pangya! Golf with Style – I heard that this was pretty good, and I’m collecting the Wii games that are considered underrated so this was a recommendation. I see Tecmo…so is there going to be breast jiggle physics? Well considering that this is rated 3+, I doubt it, but that’s not what I was yearning for in this game…I SWEAR! I got it for £1.


Sonic and the Black Knight – Oh boy…at least it’s the last Sonic Storybook game…because that was successful right? I might review them as part of the modern Sonic series in the summer. I got it for £3.50.


Kung-Fu – The name is as basic as the game. Punch and kick your way to save your girlfriend because f*** intriguing plots. It’s only now that I realised that this game was not made by Nintendo, so Thomas will not be in Smash Bros. Movie Bob, now p*** off you git! I got it for £8.


Sega Master System Light Phaser – Cool, now I can play the three games I have that will work with this game. I have a CRT TV but the way I had to play the games is being very close to the screen and shoot enemies and hold the gun with two hands to be more accurate and make me badass…or American. I got it for £5.


The House of the Dead 2 – The sequel to a Saturn game I can never find cheap (unless I got the PC port), all I need is the Dreamcast Gun and THE ABILITY TO PLAY THE FIRST BLOODY GAME!. I got it for £5.


Soul Calibur – I love Soul Blade and I’ve been looking for the sequel for a while now and here it is. And to the gaming backlog it is. I got it for £6.


RoboCop Versus The Terminator – A crossover so awesome we don’t want a movie of it because knowing Hollywood, it will suck so hard. From what I know, it’s based off a comic book series that lasted four issues. I’ve tested it and it’s not that bad, but DAMN is this bloody, every time Robocop shoots a guy, he explodes into a bloody pulp. I got it for £6.


Wii Nunchuck – I got it for 25p, I just needed a replacement and it didn’t cost me an arm.


Low G Man – I don’t know much about this game, in fact, I saw this cart a few years ago not knowing anything about this game. Welp, it seems no one ever talks about it, probably why this game is cheap. I got it on ebay for 99p & £2.50 P&P.


Super Mario Super Size Figure – This pretty much came from nowhere didn’t it. I was shopping at a huge store, which sold a lot of stuff, not much, mostly for the home and such. There was a toy aisle and I managed to find this and at such a cheap price. I just bought it for the desk next to my tiny gollywog statue…yes, I have one of those. You know, I could have gotten Yoshi too, but Mario would do for now. I got it for £9.99.


Micro Machines V3 – Just another cheap game for the PS1 collection, it’s a series of games (based off a toyline) I need to get into to review anyway. I got it for £2 at CeX.


PlayStation Vita Slim – Well this was a unique story to this. You see, I absolutely hated this big original Vita that I decided to sell it and take the money to buy a slim version in addition to the rest that I had to pay to get it. So I have a version that’s at least more comfortable and doesn’t feel fragile. I got it for £105 at CeX.

These last two games I got on ebay.


Clu Clu Land (Famicom Version) – A game made by the clan…I mean Nintendo. I’ve reviewed this game before…though it may be a game I’ll review again since my review is old. But it’s still a nice simple game that is rather unique in its gameplay and I have it on Famicom…because the NES version is of course pricey. I got it for £1.11 & £1.54 P&P.


Seicross (Famicom Version) – So we have an Arcade port on the Famicom. This was released for the NES, but only for the US, so Europeans missed out on this. I first found out about this game from Rerez, so I wanted to try it out, and here it is. From what I’ve played, it’s pretty good, I think I’ll play some more. I got it for £1.08 & £1.54 P&P.

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6 thoughts on “Random Game Pickups – May 2017

  1. Awesome stuff! I love the DS Lite and it’s the only DS I own because of its compatibility with GBA games. The one you have here looks to be in top shape.

    All your Dreamcast games look cool as well. I am always hoping to find more DC games out here but they seem pretty scarce.

    I’m now super curious about Low G Man. It’s not a game I’ve heard of either.

    1. There was another reason why I bought a DS Lite: my R4 card, because my original DS has a scratchy screen, I wanted to get a Lite because the design is much nicer.

      The one Dreamcast game I’m looking for for cheap is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as it’s the best port of the Arcade game. I’m also a fan of the series so there you go XD

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