Mini-Review: Super Mario World

This is the Mini-Review of Super Mario World, to see my new review of Super Mario Bros. 3, click here. To see the old review of Super Mario World, click here.

It’s the SNES launch title that was already the best game ever made for the system, it’s Super Mario World.

So Mario and Luigi take a vacation to Dinosaur Land. Then they hear that Princess Peach has been kidnapped…again. Adventure HO!

What can I say that I haven’t said about Super Mario Bros. 3…well this has more levels, same fun gameplay, new power-ups, even better graphics, improved controls (even if it didn’t need it, it’s welcomed), just a complete far cry from the third game, and this one has Yoshi, where you ride on him and force-feed him enemies and fruit and whatnot…LOOK AT HIS SPRITE AGAIN!


The overworld map has been improved since it looks like a legitimate map and everything blends together to form one world despite the many different worlds you travel through. The gameplay is your typical Mario game with some improvements that make the game near flawless, since Mario controls fantastically here.

The power-ups from the third game are absent but the Mushroom, Fire Flower and Starman are present, but we have a new power-up, the Cape Feather, turning into Cape Mario, it’s like the Super Leaf ON F****** CRACK! Just run and fly, hold B and time-press left and right to continuously fly, making for a highly broken power-up that will let you skip the majority of a level so long as you’re outside.

But man…I had this incident where Sonic 3 & Knuckles became my favourite 2D Sonic game since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was for years holding that spot, and I think this game is going to do the same thing, so for nostalgia, it’s Super Mario Bros. 3, but for a fantastic Mario game to play nowadays, it’s Super Mario World.

I had tons of fun with this one with more inventive levels, though the Ghost levels are the puzzling levels and tons of secrets are to be found, especially those to access extra and much tougher levels. It’s a massive improvement over the third game and I want to continue on playing it, a high recommendation.



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