Mega Man 8

Electrical Communication, tearing through the 32-bit era, break free from human division tearing the future…wait, where am I going with this?

Yes, it’s time for more Mega Man, and you can tell that there’s a song I absolutely love but that’s for later. It’s time for the next installment…THIS GAME IS EXPENSIVE!!! This was a game I HAD to emulate because the PS1 and Saturn port are a bit too pricey but I emulated that too and the Saturn port is the best port due to extra features. Why didn’t you get it for the Anniversary Collection on PS2, Xbox and GameCube you may say? Well it wasn’t released in Europe, I could easily get the GameCube port but that game is expensive too. Welp, PSX2PSP & Yabause I go!

The game before the break!

Mega Man 8, known in Japan as Rockman 8: Metal Heroes (ロックマン8 メタルヒーローズ Rokkuman Eito Metaru Hīrōzu), developed and published by Capcom, the game was also published in Europe by Ocean Software. The game was released in 1996 in Japan, and in 1997 in the US and Europe.

Please give me good voice acting.

The game contains anime cutscenes, and they look stunning, if there was a proper Mega Man anime, this is the animation that works with the series, at least it will always be better than whatever the US is going to s*** out. I can’t say the same thing about the voice acting, I know the Japanese voices are good because they fit the characters in my opinion despite not understanding a single word they’re saying. The English voices on the other hand, are horrible…but also laughable, you can riff this with your friends it’s that bad, it’s like Capcom USA took a bunch of people from the cold and asked them to do some voice acting and their pay would be a sandwich.


Two robots clash at some planet, one falls down and the other one chases after it. Back on Earth, Mega Man is battling Bass but is saved and manages to defeat Bass thanks to Roll. Mega Man gets a message from Dr. Light about meteorite crashing on an island…shaped like a skull…I WONDER WHO LIVES ON THIS ISLAND? When Mega Man arrives, he finds of course, Dr. Wily, taking some purple orb. However, Mega Man finds a robot underneath where the orb was and sends it to Dr. Light for repairs. But the Blue Bomber’s job ain’t done yet as Wily unleashes yet more Robot Masters, four once again, including Frost Man and his Ice Wave, Tengu Man and his Tornado Hold, Clown Man and his Thunder Claw, and Grenade Man and his Flash Bombs…but of course they’re four more after that, Astro Man and his Astro Crush, Sword Man and his Flame Sword, Search Man and his Homing Sniper, and…teehee…hahaha…Aqua Man HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!…and his Water Balloon…and the ability to talk to animals HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Grenades! Grenades Everywhere!

Do I need to copy and paste my reviews now because this is a Mega Man game and everything you know about Mega Man is here and barely anything has changed…but the graphics look bloody beautiful, as the years go by, it gets better and better doesn’t it? I’m not a fan of the soundtrack, it’s lost that Mega Man charm for me, though I can appreciate having proper CD quality tracks, it was released on the PlayStation and Saturn after all. But get the Japanese version for that awesome opening theme, Electrical Communication; I love this song despite being J-Pop.

Early bird shoots the worm

So what really is new to this game? Well, he can swim I guess. But Mega Man is now able to shoot his mega buster whilst still equipping his special weapon thanks to more buttons…although this could have been done in Mega Man 7 but oh well.

Of course, when you think of Mega Man, you think of Gradius.

The level design is sadly the worst. I mean platforming is here and accounting for, there are some dull parts like Tengu Man’s shoot ’em up stage and Frost Man’s annoying snowboarding segment, at times, it feels like I jump and it doesn’t work, I could go to the top platforms to get some good items but that would be a risk as I careen off the stage. And then there’s Astro Man’s maze which is so long and so annoying to get through as you can easily get lost, it’s a Mega Man game, not a puzzle game. Heck, most of the weapons are now useless, Flash Bombs are great because it does a lot of damage, but other than that, I use my mega buster on everything, apart from the bosses of course.

Limited Edition Mega Man figures, very rare, £99999999999999999

Oh, bolts are back, but they now come in small supplies, in fact, they’re 40 bolts in the entire game, and they’re much harder to find and even got to do one-chance BS just to get some of them, why can’t I get Energy Tanks like the good old days, it’s like Capcom predicted DLC…Oh my GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! Again because there’s NO Energy Tanks in this game, why take the good stuff out, was this the downfall of Capcom already, I don’t know, what’s the matter, WHAT’S YOUR BRAIN DAMAGE??? But with these bolts, you can buy items and upgrades. But you have to plan on what items to buy and it’s just painful, I hate this feature, I really do.

And you thought Sonic was trying too hard to be hip.

Though one thing I do like are the checkpoints, so when you do something at the end, you go to the second part of the level, and if you die and game over, you can continue from the second part, and thank goodness for that, and what’s fantastic is that when you die and respawn, everything’s refilled, from your weapons to your health so even bosses are less of a hassle.

Hey kids, this is what we call anime

Overall, Mega Man 8…is OK. As a Mega Man game, it’s a let-down, it’s another game that doesn’t do anything very new, like 7, but this is a lot worse here, it’s not fun, it’s not the best in the series, but at least I managed to play it…somehow.

You can get it on the PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube via Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

Time for more cover art.

The US cover art, very good, shame that there wasn’t more to it like in the Japanese version.
This is the European cover and…wow, this is just boring.

Oh, and for anyone asking if I’ll review Rockman and Forte…no, this game is just terrible, one of the worst classic Mega Man games I’ve ever tried.



3 thoughts on “Mega Man 8

  1. Yeah, the cost of Mega Man games (especially in the UK) is a joke. Even popular ones like X1 cost £120. X3 pm PS1 cost me about £150… I decided to stop buying them after that. Think this is on Wii VC so I’ll get it on there.

    1. I’ve managed to pick up a copy of Rockman 8 (JP version of Mega Man 8) for about £8 since I wrote the review. I might not understand the Japanese language, but the gameplay is there. The Rockman games are much cheaper than their English counterparts.

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