Random Game Pickups – April 2017

Time for another game pickups, showing you what games I got on April. So let’s get into this.

These two games I got at CeX:


Konami Hyper Soccer – Yep, before the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer and even International Superstar Soccer, they made this game…and it’s oddly part of the Track & Field/Hyper series. I got it for £4.


Wizards & Warriors – The real reason I went into that shop, to pick up this gem on the NES. Don’t be fooled by the fantastic art cover, because it’s more cartoony and the concept of ‘misleading customers’ wasn’t a thing for a while. I got it for £5.


Little Big Planet: Game of the Year Edition – WHY OH WHY DID I BUY THIS? Now I’ve wanted to play this game with all the extra features and even make some levels. Unfortunately though, I only found out after my purchase that Sony shut down the services for every game in the series, and since the single player mode is only there so you can collect items, you have a dead f****** game. I got it for £4 at Cex…though it’s a £4 I regret.


Vigilante (Sega Master System) – Remember in my Top 10 PC Engine list I made a Marina Joyce joke when I was talking about that port? Yeah, it’s not funny anymore, that 15 minutes of BS should not be repeated again…but I probably will anyway. I managed to get the much cheaper port of the Arcade classic about…rescuing your girlfriend…I got nothing. I got it for £3.50 at CeX.


Pokémon Colosseum – Oh hey, it’s a console Pokémon game…why does no one talk about this game when they demand Nintendo to make a console game. This is a game that is quite pricey but I managed to find this game at a reasonable price. I got it for £9.99 at Cash Converter.


Star Fox Zero – Welp, here it is, Star Fox Zero. The day I got it in post was the same day I played through the entire game so thank goodness I didn’t pay full price for this game. It’s the game that disappointed many fans of the series. As for me, you’ll see my opinions on it when I schedule a Star Fox Marathon. I got it on ebay for £10 and £1.50 P+P.

These are two games I got at Cash Converters:


Civilization II – It’s the game that I didn’t know how it worked and after playing it for a little bit, it was the next day, upon realising I played this for hours, it’s always been like that whenever I play Civilization games. I think playing a game like this on a console is a bit…off, a PC is so good and for the most part, natural for this game, but I collect PS1 games so there we go. I got it for 49p.


Knockout Kings ’99 – This was next to the game shown above, it was also 49p and…yeah, why not? It’s a boxing game from EA and I don’t think there’s anything important to talk about here.


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