Mini-Review: World Soccer

Why was this game in my backlog? Who knows, but I’m not a fan of the sports genre in gaming. I mean, why go outside to do the actual sport when I can play a virtualised version of that said sport? Oh, I don’t really have any friends. That explains too much. Anyway, today I’m reviewing a sports game, I think my second one, 10-Yard Fight was my first and I loved it. But this time it’s a Soccer game, but that’s what the US calls it for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they have American Football.

No, here in the UK, it’s known as Football, a sports us Brits are very passionate about, many dads are proud when their child dreams of being a footballer and earning way too much money just to kick a flaming ball whilst under the guise of a corrupt organisation. Can you feel the spirit of the magnificent game flowing? So I could have played any football game, but since I’m British, the Sega Master System needs some loving this time. Now, how about a game of World Soccer.

So the aim of the game is to kick a ball around and score at the opponents goal. FOOTBALL!!! You can play up to eight teams based on countries, so I guess this is the World Cup, AKA, the only time I sit down to watch football. Teams include Argentina, Germany, France, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, USA and Japan.

So you can kick, pass and shoot and whatnot, though at times, it doesn’t always work for some reason. You move at a smooth pace for the game that you’re playing, but once you pick up the ball, you slow down and move as if they’re a chess piece, to the point where it’s easy for the opponent to take the ball. Then again, the opponent moves the same too, it’s just that it’s awkward at times but you’ll get used to it eventually, and then I enjoyed it despite the flaws.

We also have the penalty, and they’re awful…for the opponents, I just kick it in the same spot and the goalkeeper will always miss, so try to exploit it for what it’s worth, but at least they’re better than the new FIFA penalty games, I don’t know which one specifically, but it sucks.

The graphics are pretty good for the Master System and the level design is appropriate since it’s a football game, you got the fields, the crowds, the footballers and even the goal posts, though the goal post has a sprite issue since it looks like I kicked the ball to outside of the goal but it still counts as a goal, so we have one programming mess-up.

World Soccer is a very simple football game that’s pick up and play but not perfect. It has no new features or anything to make it stand out, but if you want to play a random game of football, check it out, but be warned, the gameplay isn’t polished like later football games and there are much better, especially FIFA.


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