Mini-Review: Pepsiman

Might as well post this Mini-Review whilst Pepsi is getting s*** on. We need to bring back the man who could sell Pepsi like no tomorrow, and we need him NOW!

This is the licensed game that has gained some popularity for just simply existing. For those who don’t know, Pepsiman was a Japanese mascot (created by a Canadian artist) created for Pepsi to sell the drink to Japanese people. Why this was never a thing in the west is a massive question mark as I think he would have worked outside Japan. But the character was popular enough to get a game. Pepsiman, developed and published by KID and was released in 1999 in Japan only.

The game is an endless runner believe it or not, you simply jump over obstacles, or slide through obstacles. But it’s not just that; sometimes, you’ll either get stuck in an oil drum and have to navigate with inverted controls, or skateboard through the level…still dodging stuff. Every stage finishes off with you running away from random objects, like a giant Pepsi can, a Coca-Cola-looking truck, etc.

The game is quite humorous in a goofy way, but what I find absolutely hilarious is between stages, you see a fat, lazy American scoffing of crisps and chugging on Pepsi with little to no modesty whatsoever, advertising Pepsi forcefully. I love the fact that this Japanese game has THIS American stereotype. I wonder this was done as “PAYBACK B****”, you know what I mean.

The game is overly simple, it has challenge like figuring out what to press next, but the game eventually becomes a memory game, figuring out what to do in the level…die and die again until you get it right, and this is a perfect example of that. And even when you get good at it, the game ends up being short, it’s an advergame, the quantity does not matter, they just need to sell this game to get people to buy Pepsi, but sorry fellas, I FEEL COKE!!!

Getting a copy nowadays will cost you a lot from £50-£80…for a game that takes a couple of hours to beat…sigh…



2 thoughts on “Mini-Review: Pepsiman

  1. PEPSIMAN!! Everything I know about this game, I know from this review and the Games Done Quick run of this game. This is really something else. If anything, reviving this game could help Pepsi’s situation… I think…

    1. If this game were to be revived, it would be on mobile phones since it has that endless runner feel to it so it would be perfect for those devices. Though the original developers, KID, aren’t around anymore.

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