Random Game Pickups – March 2017


Playing with Power: Nintendo NES Classics – We start this game pickups…with a book. But at least it’s a book about the NES, its history and some of the first-party titles released for the system, including tips, tricks and walkthroughs on some of the games. I probably wouldn’t have gotten this if it wasn’t for a book shop that sold it for super cheap in a sale and…of course I’m going to pick that up. I got it at The Works for £7.

These next games I got at CeX:


Fighting Fury – Another day, another cheap game, but it wasn’t until I realised that this game wasn’t any other cheap guff, but actually a licensed game based off a manga/anime called Baki the Grappler, a martial arts tale of a young man who trains to fight to be like his father. The series has been around since 1991 and continues on to this day. The game, called Grappler Baki: Baki Saidai no Tournament in Japan, was released in the UK called Fighting Fury. So the US missed out on another PS2 game…I think, it’s a budget game so I doubt the quality is of high standards. I got it for 50p.


Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter –  I know nothing about this game but I know this one is cheap wherever I go. Look at the review in the front of the cover saying that this game is Halo for the PlayStation 2…except that this doesn’t have multiplayer. Well done PSW! I got it for 50p.


The Last Remnant – I don’t know, it’s a Square Enix RPG, might as well collect it before some people call it underrated and the value goes up…I don’t know. I got it for £2.


Sonic and the Secret Rings – OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!! We’re at this game aren’t we? Tis the beginning of the Storybook games, with the first half of the supposed crap-fest on the Wii. I’m thinking when I should review this one since there will be a second month of Sonic…albeit, a summer marathon of 3D main Sonic titles, so maybe you’ll see it during that time, who knows. I got it for £5.


NeverDead – Another game I’ve heard but never even acknowledged it. I’m collecting games not a lot of people talk about and this is a good example of this. From what I’ve heard, you shoot stuff and you can lose body parts and it’s part of the gameplay. I’ll explain more once I understand it. I got it for £3.50.


Nintendo Land – It’s the launch title of a now dead console. A series of mini-games to show off the capabilities of the Wii U and it’s one that’s now less acknowledged…just like the console itself…it has a Metroid mini-game…as in Nintendo could only put all their efforts into a mini-game for Samus…I’m not surprised. I got it on ebay for £6 & £1.99 P+P.

These four games I got at CeX:


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – Ah Home Alone, the last decent movie from the series before it just got boring real fast. And of course, the NES game based of the first game sucked, and yet the sequel was released in Europe and not the first game? OK. Well we have it anyway. I’ve already reviewed the first one and it was just terrible, so I doubt this will be any good. I got it for £5.


McDonaldland – Seeing as you don’t see games like this anymore, I’m guessing that fast food games have to be sacrificed to prevent childhood obesity. But it was different times and it exists. For those who are scratching their heads because you’ve never heard of this game before, it’s because in the US, it’s called MC Kids. So yeah, there was a name change for some reason, but at least that radical crap wasn’t crapped onto out version…though if you play the PAL version, it’s still called MC Kids…I don’t know why. I got it for £6.


The Bugs Bunny Blowout – Why did they remove the word “Birthday” on the cover? I’ll probably never know. This is the second Bugs Bunny game with Crazy Castle being the first. I have played it before and it wasn’t too bad, but I probably need to play it again to confirm it. It was also released in celebration of Bugs’ 50th anniversary, so you know the developers had to make some quality s***…right? I got it for £6.


Action Fighter – It’s a game I’ve wanted to get due to it being cheap but it’s one I don’t know much about. Apparently you drive a car and the gameplay is like Spy Hunter…I don’t know, I’ll figure it out once I play it. I got it for £2.50.


Galaxian³ – Ever been curious about a game? This was another list of games that I took an interest to despite not knowing much about it. So many years of Galaga games and only NOW they go back to the “Galaxian” title again. The game was only released in Japan and Europe and I only bought the Japanese version because the European version is expensive to get so Japanese it is. I got it on ebay for 81p & £3.29 P+P.


Devil’s Third – OH HOHOHO! It’s this game, infamous for interesting people and disappointing those who eventually played it. I’m on a hunt for notable Wii U games, good or bad. Now I don’t know if it is bad or not, but I don’t regret my purchase…OK, online mode no longer exists but we have single player action. Got it on ebay for £9.95.


Transbot – It’s a budget Gradius…I mean, I don’t have anything else to say, It’s similar to Gradius in which you collect power-ups that you use for a short amount of time…and you’re a budget Optimus Prime. In fact, you could tell it was inspired by Transformers, it was created by Japan after all. I got it on ebay for 99p + £1.27 P+P.


4 thoughts on “Random Game Pickups – March 2017

  1. Oh wow… what a mixed bag! You definitely got a few things here for a steal. I recently picked up Action Fighter thinking it would be anything but cars, and sure enough it was all about cars. I hope you enjoy your new games!

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