Mega Man: The Wily Wars

You thought this was going to be a review of Mega Man 3 next, but it I’m actually reviewing a Sega compilation. April Fools…that wasn’t meant to be one but since this is posted on the 1st April, it seemed fitting so I’m going to take advantage of this despite putting effort into writing a review that was meant for the marathon anyway OK I’ve rambled on too much, lets move on.

So, time to start the classic Mega Man marathon properly. If you want to see the first two reviews, here are the links for Mega Man and Mega Man 2. So what happened was that I reviewed the first two games a couple of years ago, so I’ve decided to delete the old reviews and re-upload improved versions during the week. So enjoy this marathon that wasn’t planned all that well.

When Capcom was trying to make Mega Man into a motion picture.

Before I get to Mega Man 3, how about I talk a little bit about a port of the first three games, but technically talking about the first two games in the process. Mega Man: The Wily Wars, released in Japan as Rockman Mega World (ロックマン メガワールド), developed by Minakuchi Engineering and published by Capcom and was released in 1994 in Japan and in Europe in 1995. The US on the other hand did not get a physical copy of the game, but they did get it in the form of Sega Channel. Remember the Sega Game Toshokan? Well this was the American version of that and hasn’t been re-released ever since. If it makes you feel better America, the PAL version is an expensive game to pick up physically.

Hey, Mega Man, wake the f*** up!

So you get the first three Mega Man games, (Mega Man, Mega Man 2, and Mega Man 3), all three games are now remade in 16 bit, along with the lush twangy music. I played through the first one along with a bit of two. If there’s one thing the classic games don’t have is a save/load feature, so you don’t have the pressure of beating a hard game in one day, a great benefit to those who want to have a quick go at Mega Man and live a normal life of socialising while I do the opposite…anyway.

And none of them will ever work.

Believe it or not, this compilation does in fact have a plot. Dr. Wily, realising how many times he’s been defeated, goes back in time from the very beginning to defeat Mega Man from the start up until Mega Man 3. And how does Wily change things? HE DOESN’T! He makes the same mistakes, so what was the point? I’m guessing the power to slow down time due to sometimes framerate slowdown. Then again, it’s a compilation and I guess Capcom wanted to be unique in that department. But then again, Wily isn’t the only evil doctor to recycle his s***.

Damn son, look at that background, also, time to cut you with BLAST PROCESSING!

If you finish all the games though, you unlock Wily Tower, where you can pick your weapons and go through some extra stages. Whilst this is a good idea, and it is, it can be a double-edged sword for some. I really enjoy these stages due to having the freedom to pick your weapons and discovering what weapon will give you an advantage. But this can be your downfall since if you’re a first timer, you’re going to have to play a level and realise you picked the wrong weapon so you’d miss out on other pathways, items or just making the levels much harder by random chance. I feel like this could have been it’s own game if it had some polish and such since it’s the only original part of this compilation. But hey, it’s not on a Nintendo console, am I right? Yes, I am right!

This is Big Ben from the past.

The gameplay is near enough like the original so that’s good. The graphics are OK but doesn’t come close to the timeless look of the NES versions. The music is pretty good, I like them just as much as the 8-bit originals, I like twang but you may not like twang. Those who oppose Sega twang is my enemy…so that 90% of the world’s population, time for me to hide.

Mega Man Vs. …Solid Snake? I got nothing.

Now since this was released in Europe, it can slow down at times, though this can either make the game easy, especially with the Yellow Devil boss, or just awfully awkward at times…like the Yellow Devil boss, this was a time where our region speed was much slower than other regions and most developers didn’t know how to correct that speed for PAL regions at the time, and if you play a game made in Europe, it may be too fast, which explains why games like Shaq-Fu and Back to the Future Part III, both on the Sega Genesis, got such bad reputations.

Flying condoms was the last thing I wanted to see.

Overall, this compilation is OK, it’s a decent port whilst not perfect, does the job if you want some Mega Man on a Sega console. I’d only recommend it if you’re curious, otherwise just go play the NES originals. NO WAIT, get the Rockman Complete Works for the PS1 if you can import it from Japan…or the Legacy Collection if you find the Complete Works too pricey.

So, since it there wasn’t much to talk about, what else can I talk about? Welp, how about a Mega Man game about…business? Things get…interesting?


Wily & Right no RockBoard: That’s Paradise (ワイリー&ライトのRockBoard ザッツ*パラダイス), developed and published by Capcom and was released in 1993 in Japan only.

So this game is a…business simulator set in a board game where you buy spots to build whatever you want depending on the character. But if you land on an already brought spot, you can rent it. The goal is to own many property and make tons of money to win.

Wily & Light no Rockboard - That's Paradise (J).png
Time to bankrupt the world of Mega Man.

How’s the game? Boring, really boring. Especially when you’re playing on your own with CPUs, and it takes time to wait for other people’s turn.

There were rumours of it being released there anyway, as well as a Game Boy port, but it didn’t come into fruition. But I can at least understand why this was never released in the west, the Japanese expect their children to get a job in business somehow, or face dishonouring your family and everyone else in the world. Don’t you just love Japan?

Next week, the Classic Mega Man review series truly start with Mega Man 3.



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