Mega Man (Updated Version)

NOTICE: So this is a review that has been edited to be much better and much clearer, and the old review has been removed by me. This is part of the Classic Mega Man Marathon starting…NOW!

My friend got bored and decided to challenge himself, to beat the first six Mega Man games, so I decided to do the same, we gave each other some advice but he finished the game first and I did last…we both stopped the challenge because we were busy…until now, since I not only played through the six NES Mega Man games, I played 10 of the Mega Man games.

If you had this art style as your avatar on the internet…come join the party, I was one of those people.

So, Mega Man, that blue bomber that Capcom has abandoned for a terrible looking TV series and some cameos in other games. There have been other interpretations of Mega Man like X, Zero, Battle Network and many more, but the classic series is the humble times I guess. I think it’s a good time to take a look at them all, from 1 to 10 as well as the in-betweeners too. So let’s start with the game that started it all.

Mega Man, known as Rockman (Rokkuman) in Japan, developed and published by Capcom and was released in 1987 in Japan and in the US but the game didn’t come out in Europe until 1990 (yeah, Nintendo mistreated us like a young neglected child).

Dr. Light and his assistant, Dr. Wily, co-created a human-like robot Mega Man, they also created 6 other advanced robots: Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man, they were designed to perform industrial tasks to benefit of Monsteropolis’s citizens. But due to Dr. Light taking the full credit for everything, Dr. Wily ‘flips the table’ and reprograms the six robots to be evil and help him to take over the world. So Dr. Light sends Mega Man to destroy his own creations and stop Dr. Wily.

The objective of the game is to battle all six robot masters that is Bombman, Gutsman, Cutman, Elecman, Iceman and Fireman, each of them have stages and difficulty will depend on which enemy you pick. This is a game I like to call a Strategy Platformer, since whenever you defeat a robot master you can collect their weapons, some weapons can actually do more damage to certain robot masters than just using your default blaster. It’s all about which weapon will be another robot master’s weakness and I think it’s one of those reasons why most people found it appealing.

After defeating them, you get to battle Dr. Wily, you must use all your weapons to help you finish the stage and oh boy is it hard. There are many challenging stages in the final level with bosses including defeating the robot masters all over again. But by far the most difficult boss isn’t even the final boss, it’s the first boss of the final stage, THE YELLOW DEVIL, he can pull himself apart, parts of him shoot across the stage and trying to dodge them is difficult…though I will talk about a remedy to solve this in a bit.

There are some not-so-good things about the game, the difficulty isn’t an issue with me since this is NES and hard difficulty is the system’s bread and butter, once you know what you’re doing you could finish it in about an hour. But by far the worst part of the game (well not so bad) is the pause glitch, when you shoot a weapon you can press select and keep tapping it, once the projectile touches the enemy they take damage, but when you press it, it restarts, unpause it and they can take damage again, keep doing it until the boss is destroyed, this makes the game much easier to beat, I’d recommend it for beginners but try to beat it without it in practice. In fact, it’s the only way you’re going to defeat The Yellow Devil.

The graphics have aged OK but still usual NES quality, the controls are stiff but they work well with the game, even if it can hamper you at times. The music is very memorable, they fit so well with the atmosphere, some are enjoyable to listen to outside the game.

Overall, it holds up as a decently challenging game, but it’s still difficult for newer gamers, I’ve been playing this game for years but it’s only challenging if you don’t know the strategies of the game, like what weapon is weak to what master robot. Would I recommend it? Yes, it takes a little time to figure out how to easily beat the game.

You can get it on the Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation, iOS/Android, Virtual Console, PlayStation Store and PlayStation Portable.

But before I go, let’s take a look at the western box art, both US and Europe:

By God, what is this? This kind of box art would get you scorned on the internet…if it was done unironically.
It’s better, but it’s just a European boy cosplaying as the Blue Bomber.



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