Mini-Review: Yoshi’s Story

So…this is a game. A while ago, I reviewed Yoshi’s Island and I remember it being fun and inventive with nice graphics to boot. So for the next game, we have Yoshi’s Story for the Nintendo 64…and I managed to get a Japanese N64 along with a cheap Japanese copy of the game.

The Yoshis in Yoshi’s Island are happy thanks to the Super Happy Tree that bear fruit that make them happy. But Baby Bowser steals their tree and the Yoshis end up gloomy so their babies go on an adventure to find the fruit to make them happy enough to defeat Bowser. The plot means well but basically, the Yoshis are on drugs, when they don’t have it, they end up with Drug Withdral and that’s just as bad as taking it…and they’re letting their own children sort out this mess; Parents of the Year folks!

You can near enough do the same things a Yoshi can do in the previous game: running, jumping, eating enemies and crap out eggs, chuck them at places, minus Baby Mario so that gets a point in my book. The objective of the game is to collect 30 pieces of fruit in a level, each fruit you collect will give you some health back, but certain fruits can benefit you depending on what different coloured Yoshi you chose.

The gameplay is pretty good but movement was clunky but I’m blaming it on the N64 controller I HATE THAT BLOODY CONTROLLER! And I managed to beat it in over an hour, it’s very easy, a few challenging moments here and there but not too taxing, it’s a game for very small children and I don’t think there’s an issue with that but it has half of the levels the SNES game had, with levels not taking too long to beat since you’re mostly collecting fruit but you may have missed out on other parts of the level so it’s best to be the completionist if you want to at least get more from the game.

The game overall is OK, but I feel like it’s a diet Yoshi’s Island that wouldn’t have been worth it’s £40-50 for it’s time, but if you want to try it, I don’t think it would hurt to pick it up, especially if you have children.

The next game would have reviewed Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation (or Yoshi Topsy-Turvy in the US), but the game is quite pricey and it uses tilt control and since I can’t use an emulator, I’ll have to skip it for now and review Yoshi Touch & Go, not now but in due time.

Just a heads up, I found out that I was playing a really easy version of the game, and that the western version added some much needed difficulty to it…but I probably would have beaten it nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Mini-Review: Yoshi’s Story

  1. Haha, diet Yoshi’s Island. That’s what it feels like to me too, considering you can get to the credits in six stages. I still love it though and have played it for many more hours, thanks to the replayability of Time Trial and 30 melon challenges. I found this better than the DS and 3DS Yoshi’s Island games at least.

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