8 PlayStation 2 games I want to play (That were only Japanese-exclusive)

It’s hard to look back nowadays in terms of region locking, it’s now a thing of the past…apart from the Wii U and 3DS, but the Switch will fortunately have to say good f****** riddance to that nonsense. But the problem is trying to go back to consoles that did have the region locking. Nowadays, there are methods to circumvent this, the NES needing to pull out one metal piece of a chip, the Mega Drive and the Game Genie, the SNES and some various stuff, the Nintendo 64 and Passport III, GameCube and Freeloader and so on and so forth…that or modding  console, a much more helpful but costly option.

With the PlayStation 2 though, there are methods, but the methods are very costly, complex and could cause permanent issues with the console. I could buy a Japanese PlayStation 2, which is something I would like to do, but then there are AC plug issues and I don’t know what transformer converter something I don’t know…to get. I’ll use emulation for now which is a last resort at this point, but there are a few games I really want to play and ones I feel I need to play, especially for reviewing games and whatnot. So how about I talk about (in no particular order) eight PlayStation 2 games I want to play. The rules are that these games were never released in Europe or even in the US (Because Japan/US release only would be an easier list…hmm, I could actually do that…next week even? Who knows).


Fu’un Super Combo – From what I know, this is an SNK fighting game. I know there are tons of SNK games released in Europe, but this wasn’t. It’s available on the US PlayStation Store, but Europe has got nothing yet. This is one that is just filler I guess, but there are the rest I really want to play.


Metal Slug 3D – I love the Metal Slug games, from the fun gameplay, to the super detailed graphics for 2D game design, it’s a beloved shooter that has competition against Gunstar Heroes as the best run and gun game in my opinion. I guess the latter won because at least it didn’t have a poorly thought out 3D game. Yep, it seems SNK went to uncharted territories for them and made a 3D version of the fast-paced game. I’ve never played it but I haven’t heard too much good things about the game but nevertheless, I still want to try it out for myself.


Namco X Capcom – The best of both worlds…in an RPG! Now this would be an issue here, because RPGs rely on text and the game was released in Japan only, so no fighting enemies with characters from two juggernauts of gaming companies…sort of juggernauts, no exciting dialogue and find out what crazy stories the game has…is what I would say if I wasn’t able to play it. Yes, the game has an English translation patch so I can play it to my hearts content.


Sakigake!! Otokojuku – So, you have a manga/anime about a bunch of male delinquents in Japan, being sent to a special school to become real men, to become the best men, to be the greatest of men, if you thought Fist of the North Star was manly, Sakigake!! Otokojuku is another manly series. It’s a manga I will try and read soon, and there have been games based on the series, including this fighting game.


Taito Memories Vol.1 Joukan, Vol.2 Gekan, & Vol.2 Joukan – Now technically this was released worldwide since the games in this list were included in the Taito Legends collections. However, there were a huge number of games that didn’t make the cut for worldwide release, but at least the games we got were good enough…but not good enough for me.



SEGA Ages 2500 Volume 11 – Fist of the North Star & Hokuto no Ken – And here are the reasons why I was interested in playing PlayStation 2 games from the land of the rising sun. Hokuto no Ken is one of my favourite mangas from the gore to the great character development of the first half and the gore and the art style with tons of detail and the gore and gore. Anyway, I’ve played a few of the classic games based on the series, but there are two games I want to play. One is a remake of the Sega Master System game (known as Black Belt in the west), and one is an Arcade port that is said to be quite good for a fighting game. Still a shame the Arcade port never got a worldwide release, probably because the series isn’t entirely popular, but it has a very good fanbase thanks to the movie released in the 90’s for the west.


Le Bizzarre Avventure di GioGio: Vento Aureo – If Hokuto no Ken is a favourite manga of mine, then Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure got me into manga and I have since become a fan of the series, I have a couple of the English physical manga tankōbon and I want to collect more right from the beginning. Before I talk about the other Jojo game, I’ll talk about the Jojo game based on Part Five: Vento Aureo.

I’ve read the manga it was based on and I wasn’t into it compared to other parts I’ve read so far (currently reading Part 7: Steel Ball Run), I do enjoy some of the characters, some of the stands and there were some bits of humor that come out of nowhere but they were entertaining. I just don’t find Giorno Giavanni that interesting as a main Jojo. Anyway, the game was apparently meant to be released in the US, but that didn’t happen due to the stands, the super powers of the series, having names based off real life bands and since Araki didn’t want them changed, you know it’s fate. But it won’t stop me from playing it, I know how the bloody story goes suckers.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood – The Jojo to start it all, this was released as part of it’s 20th Anniversary of the manga (now 30th as of date of publication) and…that’s all I know of it. Phantom Blood is not favoured by many, probably due to its Shonen Jump cliches and the fact that it was heavily inspired by Fist of the North Star and…I don’t know what else really, but it got me hooked in and I love the first part of the manga.

Are there any Japanese-exclusive PlayStation 2 games that I didn’t add to the list that you’d recommend to an English-speaking person like me? Comment down below, it’ll be quite interesting.


7 thoughts on “8 PlayStation 2 games I want to play (That were only Japanese-exclusive)

  1. There are some Japanese exclusive DDRs that o was lucky enough to play because my friend (or a friend of this friend) had a Japanese PS2. There were some awesome songs on it that I wish were available on the English ones.

      1. A gaming spot just opened up in my corner of the world and there are like 3 or 4 DDR machines there! I’m not sure what its status is in Japan, but here in the states, people are still pretty excited for it. I know it’s pretty much the only game I play whenever I go to such places 🙂

      2. There’s an arcade near where I am too, it has racing, shooting and sometimes the odd fighting game…and Tekken 7. Seriously, I’m still kicking myself for not playing that when I had the chance.

      3. I’ve yet to visit this new place, which is apparently gigantic. There’s a similar locale closer to me, Dave and Busters, where you dine then game, but the other one is like three times the size. I should visit this mythical promised land sometime soon :p

      4. A Dine & Game sounds cool. I don’t think the UK has something like that but i think it could work…preferably on a Friday night when you’re drunk and harass the employees XD and for god sakes no Call of Duty, the place will be a bloodbath, especially with alcohol m

      5. They usually don’t have games like CoD lol. It’s a lot of DDR, a lot of racing games, more old school stuff from what I recall. I think places like that would do fantastic wherever there are gamers, so I’m surprised there isn’t more of them over there! Soon enough.

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