Random Game Pickups – February 2017

It’s the second pickups of 2017…I don’t know how to do introductions for these posts anymore.

These games I got at CeX:


Shadow of Rome – So I’m seeing a game that could possibly be something akin to Gladiator. And on the bottom right hand corner, I see Capcom, so I just HAD to get it. Yeah, it’s another game I know nothing about but I only got it because Capcom. I got it for £1.


Dynasty Warriors 3 – Welp, it seems I’m probably going to get a Dynasty Warriors game every month because…I’ve bought tons of Dynasty Warriors games and still need to collect them…I don’t have to but it’s a curiousity. I got it for £1.50.


Summoner – This was a game I played years ago…for about 10 minutes before selling it. It’s an RPG for the PlayStation 2 but I don’t know much about it, it was really cheap, 50p to be precise.


Summoner 2 – And right next to it was the sequel I knew nothing about. This was also 75p.


24: The Game – I’ve never seen the show, but from what I could gather it was about stopping terror attacks, am I right? I don’t know, but I do remember the countdown, it’s something cool that will make you remember a show even if you’ve never seen a single episode. I got it for 50p.


Wolfenstein – Something to fill the void I guess. I’ve played Wolfenstein 3D, a grand-daddy of an FPS that whilst a classic, hasn’t stood the test of time. So this is the Wolfenstein game that people tend to forget, and I don’t know why, but once I play it, it should make sense…I think. I got it for £3.50.


Alien Syndrome – Oh look, a Samus Aran try-hard! Joking aside, here’s another Sega remake of an Arcade classic. Thankfully I have the Arcade port on the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection, so I’ll review that in addition to the Master System port, then onto this game. Again, I don’t know much about it but I’ve been trying to collect more Wii games…good Wii games, no shovelware garbage and such, I have too much PS2 games as it is. I got it for £1.50.


Samurai Warriors: Katana – And yet ANOTHER Dynasty Warriors game! This Dynasty train won’t stop…maybe I don’t know. I got it for £1.50.

I went to GAME and got this:


The Order 1886 – All that money for a movie, why would…it’s not a movie? It’s actually supposed to be a game? NAH! It’s obviously a movie, it looks too good to be a game. Joking aside, this was a game I was interested in before being disappointed when hearing people’s reactions and reviews, but it was cheap at GAME so I picked it up, ready to play it when I can. I got it for £9.99.


Diddy Kong Racing – So the Nintendo 64 had Mario Kart 64, the Sony PlayStation had Crash Team Racing…the Nintendo 64 also had this game, a kart racer I’ve been looking to get after going through the Donkey Kong Country original trilogy and I managed to find a copy for a decent price for what it is. I got it in a Facebook sale for £12, a first for me and for this pickups.


Global Gladiators – We’re rad! We’re awesome! We’re dated as f***! It’s a licensed McDonalds game selling you food despite not showing it because it would have obviously been too manipulative. From the tests that I did, you shoot slime with slime, extra points for creativity here. I got it on ebay for 99p + £1.80 P+P.


Ghost Squad – Oh good, a light gun game. That really makes sense. Hey Sega, how about you port all your light gun games on the Switch…somehow. From what I’ve seen on the back of the box, you’re part of a SWAT team who shoot terrorists, rescue hostages and…unlock a panda costume. I got it in GAME for 99p.


Victorious Boxers Challenge – For a long while I never knew this was based off a manga/anime called Hajime no Ippo, and I also mistaked it for Ashita no Joe, another popular manga/anime that is much more impactful. And this was a game I once owned, and it was a game I did play a lot, particularly with a family member. But I sold it and it took a few years to buy it again on the cheap. I got it at CeX for £1.


Samba de Amigo – Oh look! One of Sega’s abandoned IPs, and seeing as the Nintendo Switch is coming out this month (and not too long either),  it’s the best opportunity to bring him back…I don’t know, I’ve never played this game and yes, this is the Wii port of a Dreamcast game so I’ll review this one instead…because the Dreamcast port is expensive…very expensive. I got it at CeX at £1.50.


Top Trumps: Doctor Who – I have this game on the Nintendo DS, back when I actually liked the show. Yeah, I’m not a fan of Doctor Who anymore, the show has sucked arse since Series 6 and Steven Mofatt has been a terrible showrunner, not even him leaving brings me joy anymore and Peter Capaldi is a great actor and a great Doctor but a F****** WASTE OF TALENT! Mini-rant done…it’s a British card game that has become obsolete as time goes by. I got it at CeX for 50p


Atomic Bomberman – I’m a game collector, I collect games for all consoles…all except for PC. There’s a bit too many to collect and I know I won’t have enough room for PC games, so I’m happy with Steam and GOG. Though there are some exceptions, Bomberman. Why? Because this game hasn’t gotten a re-release and there’s some interesting tidbits about the game I would like to discover…now to get it to work on a modern machine. I got it for 25p at a charity shop.


Warzone 2100, Pinball Power and Command & Conquer – Found three PS1 games for a cheap price, I was surprised to see Command & Conquer, which is a game I probably need to play on the PC, the original port. I got them for £1.99 each…albeit 99p for Warzone 2100.


Rockman 8 (Mega Man 8) – WOW! Didn’t expect to pick this one up. Some of you know how expensive the PAL version is…let alone the NTSC version. The first time I played this…well, it’s not my favourite game in the series. I’m quite chuffed to get a copy of this, despite the Japanese language, at least I don’t have to hear the…professional English…voice acting. I got it on ebay for £8.


Sled Storm – I saw this, knew I didn’t have it and bought it. Later, to my surprise, I realised that I also had the PS1 port too. Keep your records on point. I got it for £1 at a charity shop.

I also got Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers for 50p. Problem is, the disc is only Full Spectrum Warrior and not Ten Hammers, and I say this because I already have it on Xbox. Oh well, it was only 50p, it’s not the end of the world. And no, I didn’t take a picture of the game, it just doesn’t feel right without a cover (though there are some exceptions).


Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30: So I heard of this game, never played any of the games in the series, but it’s a military shooter and NOT a futuristic copy/paste, so it gets some mercy. I got it in a charity shop for £1.


Super Smash Bros. (Japanese version) – A game that Nintendo had no faith in and is now their hottest series to date. The idea of different Nintendo characters coming together to beat the s*** out of each other was something jaw-dropping back in the day and we have to thank HAL Laboratory for this series. And yes, I also got this because the PAL version is very expensive. I got it on ebay for £3.99 and £2.80 P+P.


NES Controller – The NES…still difficult to collect for cheap prices. I have my NES and a controller…as in one controller. I remember getting one from China for 1p…yes, 1p. And lo and behold, it didn’t work. At least it was 1p so it’s not the end of the world. But I eventually got an original and official controller that works and functions well. So the moral of the story is: Don’t get your controllers from China…or other certain stuff for that matter…depends. I got it at CeX for £6.


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