Mini-Review: Zippy Race (Old Review)

It’s random game time again and we have a high-octane motorcycle game. Zippy Race (ジッピーレース Jippī Rēsu), also known in the US as MotoRace USA (also known as Traverse USA, developed and published by Irem and was also published by Williams for the US version and was released in 1983.

You play as a racer on your motorbike as you travel from Los Angeles to New York and avoid cars who are trying to ram into you. There are two parts to the game; the first part is an overhead racer. You must drive around cars whilst they try to ram you off, for every time you drive past one car at a time, your rank will be increased. The second part is watching your biker from behind; this part is you driving to the next city whilst driving past more cars, though doing this at the second part doesn’t increase your rank. The next level’s design will be different, then the second part again, then the first original part and loops on and on until you get a high score.

This, especially for an arcade game, not to mention that it’s an arcade game, is kind of unforgiving to a beginner, for every time you get rammed by a car, you lose gas, when you run out of gas, the game is over, though you can refill gas by finding barrels if you’re not too fast to drive past them. The controls are very simple for a deceptively simple game, there is strategy to it and you feel good when the odds are in your favour. The music is very catchy and fit well with the game.

Zippy Race is a simple racing game with a twist; it works so well for it with increasing ranks instead of being a full-blown race for every track. In fact, from what I remember, Need for Speed: The Run used this method of increasing your ranks for every race whilst…driving around America. Hmm, it seems EA may have taken a bit of inspiration from this game. It’s one of those games nowadays that you’ll probably play for half an hour before doing something else, it gets repetitive after a while, I’ll recommend it but again, it’s best to play it in short bursts.


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