Mini-Review: Super Mario Bros.

This is a mini-review of a game I already reviewed years ago, with some updated thoughts. If you want to see that old review, click here.

In celebration of the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey in the holidays, I will do mini, full and re-reviews of the main Mario games. Yep, Mario, the plumber who became popular in Japan, saved the gaming industry…IN THE US AND ONLY THE US! And became a household name in terms of his image in Europe. We all know about his games and him having to rescue Peach from Bowser…and I just summarised the plot for this and most Mario games, well done me! So to start off…well it would have been Mario Bros., but I’ve already reviewed that and I feel it doesn’t need one, so here’s a link. But now for the real start, Super Mario Bros.

So Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach (or Princess Toadstool back in the day) and turns most of the inhabitants into blocks with his black magic…yep, the same blocks Mario can break…now that’s f***** up. Then again, this kind of story is never mentioned in future Mario titles, I guess they didn’t want to add anything creepy to these child-friendly games.

The game is a platformer where you get from A to B, travelling in eight worlds with no themes due to limitations at the time. You will be jumping on enemies like Goombas, Koopa Troopas and whatnot, collect coins and collect items, most particularly, the Super Mushroom, where he can grow bigger, which lets him break blocks and can take an exrta hit. So the game is near enough simple, but it takes skill to be good at it and trying your best not to screw up, like jumping on platforms without slipping off because that happens, Mario sure has some momentum going on even when he stops.

Even the levels get challenging, especially in the last levels in a world where the game tests your skills with pits of lava, fire sticks that rotate, and Bowser’s flame breaths indicating that you’re close to him, you defeat him and…you rescue a Toad, who tells you that the Princess is in another castle and you want to kick the s*** out of him, but oh well, the game continues.

But if you don’t want to go through all the game, you could always find secret warp pipes to let you skip to a world, heck, you can skip to the final world and you can beat the game in about 15-30 minutes, heck, if you’re a speed-runner, you can beat it in about five minutes…can you beat the world record?

Whilst the game hasn’t aged that well, it’s still playable and still fun for what you can do in the game and the challenge keeps you coming back for more. The graphics back in the day looked fantastic, but nowadays it’s aged well, probably because this game is so damn timeless design-wise, the game is an embodiment of Nintendo and it’s the titles that would be the beginning of better gameplay that would inspire many other platforms in the future, especially ones that would improve on the formula, even Nintendo did this themselves. Also, that music…damn son!

So I’d recommend it and play a bit of history despite it’s shortcomings due to age.


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