Too many games…but nothing to play!

If you collect and play games, you know you’ve been in this scenario. As a game collector, I’m happy with my finds but there are also some I would still like to collect so my finds continue on and as more games get released, I don’t think it will ever stop…unless something happens where I have to stop…I don’t know.

As you know, I review games for a living (without getting paid) so I always look for a game to play, then review. And thanks to that method, I’ve been able to play through many cool games, from the classics, to the overrated and underrated, but I still have much more to go.

But then there will be a time when you can’t decide which game to play…despite having hundreds of games yet to be played. You could play a game at any time, but you still can’t decide which game to play. But why is that?

Well there are a few reasons for this and here are some of the common ones:

Too much choice: If you have a few games in your collection, you have a few choices and can narrow it down easily. Well, I probably have over 900-1000 games so…yeah, question marks galore! There are times when I want to play a game I’ll enjoy for the rest of the week. Also, I have so many good games I want to play with so little time to live…it’s impossible but eh!

How long the game is: I think one of my weaknesses are playing long games, ones that are so long that I’m yearning for it to end so I can get to the next game, good game or not. RPG’s are a common example of this. This is why I tend to play much shorter games, this could be why I always praise games that are short. But there are games that are long but do a lot to continue to pull me in during the days and days of gameplay like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Earthbound, even Fallout 3 is a game I’ll continue to play with the base game and it’s DLC. It takes something good to want me to continue on and on, even if it takes me a month.

Fear of not enjoying it: You will always have that thought of wondering whether or not I’ll enjoy a game that I spend hours on, not wanting to waste your time on something you don’t enjoy or there’s a brick wall that keeps you from progressing, either by something that’s broken the game or something so hard that it’s impossible for you to progress through the rest of the game. And it’s harder for someone like me because I’m a game critic, I’m bound to play all kinds of games, good and bad, I also want to play the games that are considered fantastic by many to give my own point-of-view of it, so having a fear of not enjoying a game shouldn’t be a thing in my mind but it unfortunately does.

Wanting to play a game you DON’T have: As if having a behemoth of games is not enough for you, there will be a time when you really want to play a game you’ve always wanted to play, but you want to play it now. Problem is, you don’t have the game, this could be for many reasons like the game being too expensive for you, regional issues, rarity of said game, etc. and if you don’t have the game and can’t get it, you’re left in a slump and have no idea what else to play, you’re hankering for a bit of Star Fox Zero, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, Resident Evil: Origins Collection, Gal Gun Double Peace…well those are my examples but I know you have your examples too. This also relates to something I do but can be unfortunate.

Wanting to play a game you don’t have, but you need to play the next game in the series because order of release: One of my comforts is to play an entire game series from order of release, and as a critic, it’s something I like to do because it will let me see how a series evolved overtime, and it doesn’t usually feel right if I skip a game or two (though there are exceptions for many reasons…cough Classic Tomb Raider cough…), so again, I’m in a bit of a slump, especially when I want to do review marathons, though how long they could be depends on how many games were released. I mean, who the heck is going to do a Final Fantasy marathon…as in one review a week, because it’s sure not going to be me.

So if you’re overwhelmed with a whole bunch of games that need to be played but can’t figure out what to play, there is a solution…sort of.

Backlog: I look through the games I have, write a list of which ones I want to play and add them on a wheel spinner, the one that gets picked will be the game I’ll play…it’s affective 50% of the time, since I always doubt myself if I’ll ever enjoy it, so I’ll take another out of the list…then another…then another…then another…then another, until I have few games on the wheel, then scrap it and think of what to play. Makes sense doesn’t it?

But I may have found a way to combat this:

(Insert image here)

So what I would do is add a console I would want to play, and then add a game I think I should play. I keep on doing this for nearly every console (Steam counts too) I have and then do the wheel spinner and the one that gets picked will be the definite game I’ll play for the rest of the week or two. Keep in mind that this is quite new and whether or not this will work will determine how I choose games. But by jingo, I will have to stop everything to play Yooka-Laylee…and Sonic Mania, damn!

Do I regret having a large collection of games and overwhelming myself with choice? Not at all, if there is a game I want to play that I have, it will be right there. The best times are when you just want to play a game and you don’t care what you want to play, that could lead to great discoveries. Or just try something out because you want to…though this has since become very rare due to reviewing every game I’ve played for the last two years. Though some of this may not apply to most of you, mostly people who may review games for a living…well not professionally, but just because you want to play a game from many time period, and what’s what the Every Gamer is all about…it’s just that I need to post more modern game reviews, retro is just somehow easier to pull me in.

Do you have these issues yourself? Do you have your own solutions? How do you figure out which game to play? Comment below, I’d be very interested in your replies.


13 thoughts on “Too many games…but nothing to play!

  1. I agree with so many points in this post, it was really interesting!
    Personally, I tend to play whatever I’m in the mood for … simple games after a tough day or something more engaging if I’m in the mood. Sometimes I just want a particular style of gameplay or even artstyle.
    I like playing games in release order (especially if there’s some kind of plot), much to the annoyance of my friends, who don’t understand this at all. I have the Assassin’s Creed games 1-4 and so far I’ve only played one.
    Other factors for me also include difficulty and download size (the joys of limited internet).
    Recently I’ve tasked myself with playing all the NES games, and I’m just doing that in aphabetical order, and I think that’s a decent way to play through a backlog.

    1. Thanks for reading!

      Yeah, I tend to play the simple retro games myself, but there are times where I’d go, “Why am I playing this when I could be playing more modern games”? But I really should, but once again, I don’t know which one to play.

  2. I try to get through an RPG once a month, I don’t always manage it. But I will play a few shorter arcade titles, so I can keep a content schedule, while I devote as much time as possible to a good RPG.

    That keeps things ticking over for me quite well.

      1. I have just bought a Gameboy Advance, so I can play the Fire Emblem remake. I’ve never played FE, but after Shining Force I want something a little more hardcore. And permadeath tactical RPG sounds AMAZING.

  3. I have a growing backlog that’s only getting bigger since I discovered more bloggers and am now part of a gaming blogger community (though I’m quite shocked that I’m considered a gaming blogger, though a good portion of my writing IS about video games so it’s only fitting), it’s just getting bitter. I haven’t run into the “too many games, nothing to play” issue yet. I’m still in “too many games, not enough time,” but I’ve definitely had the “I don’t want to play this particular game even though I said I would” area quite a few times.

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