My thoughts on the Nintendo Switch (After the January 2017 Presentation)


If you saw my other post of my thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, you would see that I was quite hyped for the system but quite worried as to what we were going to get. But I decided to watch the January 2017 presentation to see more about what the console can do as well as the games for the system…at 4am UK time, and I stayed up for that…my sleeping patterns have gone up the wall. But I said on Facebook and Twitter that I would talk about the Nintendo Switch and that’s what I’m doing. Will I continue to be hyped or will I be disappointed?

The presentation was…how should I put this…OH! DEAD! I don’t know if this is a Japanese thing but any announcements that were mentioned and nobody cheered or gasped or did anything, it was strangely quiet…well I don’t mind, it kind of annoys me when I hear cheering I don’t want to hear, boy am I miserable today.

During the presentation, people from Nintendo and some other blokes were talking Japanese, but we had translators to give us the good English language. Whilst the translators did a good job, ONE who tried to translate SUDA 51 failed miserably. Either SUDA 51 was so crazy that the translator couldn’t pick up what he was saying, or the translator probably got nervous and is now getting a long-lasting bollocking from Nintendo…oh well, we’re getting a No More Heroes sequel, I remember playing that game years ago, I’ll review it when I have the game as well as its sequel.

So the console is going to cost £279.99 from what I have heard. Considering I near enough paid the same amount for my Xbox One, it’s not too bad of a price and it also depends if you want to buy it at launch or wait until the good games come out.

Nintendo explained how it takes features from past Nintendo consoles and packs them into one system like the Wii U’s touch screen, the Wii’s motion controls, the GameCube’s portability due to holding it with the handle to take it to places…and I know most of you didn’t do that s***, the Nintendo 64’s multiplayer gameplay, the Super Nintendo’s introduction to adding more buttons, the Game Boy’s portability and the NES’ simple controls and fun gameplay…because nostalgia and homage I guess.

I’ll talk a bit about the Joycon controllers, the main controllers for the system. So you can use them with your tablet or take them off for a still-seated free experience or attach them into this slot to make it a decent enough controller, but I had my eye on the Pro Controller…which is unfortunately, separate at £60. OH FOR F***’S SAKE NINTENDO! OK, back to the Joycons, they remind me of the Wii controllers and I’ll explain more when I talk about one of the games. It’s a good idea and when you have more people playing, you can use one part of the controllers to make one controller. My issue with this is that these were made to feel natural in your hand…if you’re Japanese or are someone with small hands in general, because if you have big hands…as in ‘you can handle the Xbox Duke controller’ hands, this looks to be absolutely uncomfortable for those people…like me. You can buy more Joycon controllers but they’re about $80 for a pair, so around £60-70 in the UK, so OK, we’re going over £300 at this point if you want the full monty, it was a problem with the Wii U and it’s a problem here price-wise.

But there will also be Joycons in red and blue…as in the mix/match of neon red and blue, no one colour…so if you have OCD, stay away from that version. There will be two versions, one black and grey and the neon red and blue one. But if I was going to get one, I’d pick the black and grey one, it’s the best and doesn’t look tacky as hell…seriously though, why the neon colours, it just looks crap.

Battery life: And it…depends, it can go from about 2 to 6 hours, though this depends on what game you’re playing, so if you’re playing a Zelda game, you’re getting around 2-3 hours of gameplay. It kind of depends on where you’re going, but if you’re playing it at an airplane where the flight will take ages to get to your destination, that’s kind of lame, especially when Nintendo is marketing its portability. As for me, I’m not taking this outside, I would play this at home on a TV so portability may be the small incentive for me unless you could buy a power pack to charge it outside your home I guess.

What else…WiFi enabled, fine. Touchscreen, obviously. Motion controls on the Joycon, desperate to make the Wii relevant again. Capturing screenshots and video (soon), that will be great for my reviews. Motion sensoring, because we feel like it was needed. HD Rumble, I’m in the mood for a cold one. Up to 8 Switches can be used for local multiplayer, not bad at all. No Region Locking, UTTERLY FANTASTIC, now I can finally play Xenoblade 2 and use the breast slider for once in my life…where was I going with this? So yeah, Region Locking is a thing on a Nintendo console…and we had to sacrifice free online multiplayer, fair trade?

So you can still access the Nintendo eShop and other nitty gritty things like that but for online multiplayer, you need to pay for that s***, we need to jump on the needless bandwagon of Sony and Microsoft. The first few months will be free online for everything though and you’ll get a retro game every month to try out before Nintendo grabs you, shake you and ask “WHERE’S THE F****** MONEY?” as you still need to pay to keep it. Do they need to do this? Because I’m a cheapskate, I say nay! So don’t ask me for my opinions on paid online gaming HAHAHA!

Alright, come on Nintendo, you have a powerful enough system, what’s the internal storage, it should at least be equal to the PS4 and Xbox One…32GB! AGAIN! That still isn’t enough, I guess you could connect it to an external hard drive (I HOPE) and use some SD cards, but a measly 32GB yet again? Well at least it isn’t 8GB (That…was insulting!).

Nintendo boasted that 50+ developers were making games for the system with 80 games being made at the time of this date of publication. Wow, 80 games being made…with only several of them actually being announced…isn’t it just f****** swell? A tower of a man from EA came and said that FIFA will be in the game (slow clapping intensifies), and says that this will be the best FIFA game made for Nintendo and definitely not an old port from an old system like we did with the Wii U and the Sony PlayStation Vita.

Now for the games! Now I’ve said in the past that I will only get it if there is one or a bunch of games that are going to interest me, if there was a game that could do that, I would buy the console, so there had to be one game that should interest me to buy the Switch. So here’s my opinions on the games that were announced or shown-off:

1, 2, Switch: This is a party game…what really should have been a pack-in game for the system instead of being full priced. This party game relies on you not even looking at the screen and playing with friends. It’s no longer a video game and I barely have any friends to play it on so there’s no incentive for me to play this.

Arms: Arms is that game that was meant to be released for the Wii, forgot about it and just dumped it on the Switch…it’s pretty much Wii Boxing but extra gameplay features. This is Nintendo’s desperate attempt to bring back motion controls, something we grew sick and tired of since the Wii.

Super Mario Odyssey: When I saw the city world, I thought this would be a new IP or something like that, but I was surprised to see Mario jumping out of the sewers (makes sense), walking around New York City…with humans that look realistic compared to the cartoonish Mario…that was quite jarring to me, but he travels to other places that look like something that should be in the Mario universe. Oh, and the plot revolves around Bowser dressing up as Zepelli from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure kidnapping Princess Peach so he can marry her. It’s like the developers actually had an intricate plot and whilst they were sleeping, woke up, were about to put some finishing touches to it and see the script on fire with one paper that says “Bowser kidnaps Peach” from lots of love, Shigeru Miyamoto and they thought “okay”. So, what kind of game is Odyssey going to be…let me check…”The game returns to the freeform open-world level design previously featured in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine”. Nintendo? YOU’VE OFFICALLY WON ME OVER! As a fan of Super Mario 64, this looks to be a game I’ve always wanted from the series again. Welp, time to review the majority of Mario games again.

Splatoon 2: That should have been called Splat2n, it’s a sequel to the successful kiddy shooter and probably the reason for people to buy a Wii U…all three of you. I don’t know much of it but the developer’s Jojo pose is a fresh new meme waiting to be crafted into something more.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: This was somehow not in the presentation, but from what I’ve gathered, this is the complete edition of Mario Kart 8, I would moan about how I spent all that money on the Wii U version and it’s getting re-released, but I remembered that Mario Kart 8 came with my Wii U anyway…so eh. Also, we’re getting battle modes like the ones we got in previous Mario Kart games Splatoon racers and probably tracks too. Watch the bit where Mario bumps into Squid Girl and he’s like “F*** YOU! THIS IS MY GAME! YOU STAY BEHIND MY SPOTLIGHT”

The Dragon Quest Games: Particularly Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI, as well as Dragon Quest Heroes I & II…then again, we don’t know if these games will be released outside of Japan at this point. Welp, I have enough time to play the other games in the series, particularly the first one.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Haven’t played Fire Emblem or the Dynasty Warriors games, but since I’ve been collecting those games, it’s time to have a go I guess.

Untitled Shin Megami Tensei game: There’s HOW MANY GAMES?

Snipperclips: A puzzle game by Nintendo…eh!

Super Bomberman R: HOLY S***! Really? We’re actually getting a Bomberman game. Has Konami repented their sins? Nah, they’re making Metal Gear Survive, this is mere scraps. But I’m glad Bomberman is getting another chance in consoles. Let’s hope Konami don’t f*** him up too.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: I really need to get into the first game, otherwise I would have had more to say.

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers: It’s basically the Xbox 360/PS3 port but with more resolutions. The gameplay still looks choppy but you can switch to the classic mode to see much better graphics from yesteryear. But REALLY? Another port of Street Fighter II? Really Capcom?

Project Octopath Traveler: A Square Enix RPG with 2D/3D graphics…I don’t know really!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Either the Special Edition or bust!

Other games announced after the presentation included I Am Setsuna, Minecraft: Switch Edition (obviously), Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Project Sonic 2017, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition , Rime, Yooka-Laylee, and much more that will be announced overtime.

And one final game was once again shown off, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, that shown off more worlds and people talking…in a Zelda game…that was jarring but I think it should add more to the plot. But the best thing of all is that it’s a launch title, now that’s going to be the game that will sell consoles. As for me, I’m not ready for it, I’ve managed to play the majority of Zelda titles from beginning to Minish Cap, the game I’m currently playing now. The Second Zelda Month of reviews will be published in February so that’s going to be cool.

The launch titles are quite scarce, with five titles being released, and if you’re not interested in Zelda and party games and such, you’re left with a meagre amount and you’d have to wait for the good stuff, since none of the games at launch have interested me apart from Zelda but again, I’m not ready for it yet.

I’m going to wait until I get it for Christmas when Super Mario Odyssey gets released, but hopefully there will be more games I will want to be interested in.

What do you think about the presentation? Is there stuff I didn’t talk about? Comment down below and thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Nintendo Switch (After the January 2017 Presentation)

  1. The 4 launch titles are so disappointing to me. I’m not buying another console just for Zelda.

    Switch went from gonna buy it at launch to, i’ll wait two years and see if the 3rd party devs really get on bored.

    1. Thanks for reading!

      Yeah, it took me a while to even get the Wii U, which I only got for Super Smash Bros. I’d probably would have pre-ordered the Switch if I wanted Zelda, but I’m currently playing them in order and I just finished Minish Cap yesterdar so I’m not ready for Breath of the Wild.

      The only game to get me hyped for the console is Super Mario Odyssey because of my love for Super Mario 64, so I’ll probably get one at Christmas.

      But yeah, looking at it now, the lineup we have for this year so far is disappointing.

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