The Wild East – An Englishman Discovering Foreign Games!

It’s always a shame when a good game you worked hard on and spent a lot of money on, only for it to be forgotten overtime, especially when it hasn’t officially left a country. Take Japanese games, back in the day and a bit now, they tend to have that issue. But there are reasons for these games not being able to be released in the West, like cultural differences, cost of localisation based on a license the West have no knowledge of, especially in the 80’s and early 90’s some scumbag journalists scaring the Japanese developers, preventing them from localising a game to the West, leading to people doing the next best thing: importing, and said game would sell well because of its controversy.

Where was I? Oh yeah! Games that never got an English release, particularly retro games. But thanks to the internet and a whole lot of determination and respect, people can take a ROM, translate the dialogue into English (or what other language you’re used to) and make a patch out of it, share it online and HEY PRESTO! We can play a game that was once lost to language barriers.

Finding a game to patch your suitable language on is like the Wild West, you just never know what you’re going to experience. There is a lot to find and play and they could either can be good, bad or just plain weird. It’s time to go to, download a patch, download the game ROM and use separate software to install the patch on the ROM. I don’t feel to bad about doing this because the Japanese companies aren’t going to make money out of them anyway depending if the company is still around or completely defunct.

So I’m going to review those games, it’s time to take the often unknown trail of the Wild West…NO! The Wild East!

Schedules will vary due to already having planned the entire 1st half year but when it comes out, it will come out.


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