Mini-Review: Ozma Wars

Ozma Wars, one of the early shooters from the 70’s. After Space Invaders came out, it seems a lot of companies wanted to have their own shooter money maker, so Shin Nihon Kikaku decided to make their own with some unique features of their own. Oh, and Shin Nihon Kikaku would eventually become SNK, who would eventually create many series like Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Metal Slug, etc.

The game is a shooter where you shoot enemies like UFOs, meteors, comets, other ships to blast. One unique feature of the game is a health bar that count by numbers. At the start of the game, a mother-ship will fill your health bar. At the end of a mission, the mother-ship will return to do the same thing. The game will continue to do this until you die.

For all its…one unique feature, the game hasn’t aged well, the controls are clunky and sluggish, meaning that you’re prone to get hit, every time you do get hit, your health drains, but the game comes to a complete stop and it takes about 10 seconds for your health to drop unless you’re going to die.

All this means is that the game won’t last long unless you can get used to the gameplay, I usually last about 4-5 minutes before death but I guess this was an Arcade game but think of the other shooters that have aged well, Space Invaders has aged well and it was released before Ozma Wars.

Ozma Wars is a pretty basic shooter with one quirk but it’s still pretty good, if absolutely hard.

I managed to pick up a copy of this game on the PlayStation Store as part of the Mini PSP series, though you can play this on the PS3 and PS Vita too, if you live in the UK it costs £1.99, I don’t know how much it cost in the US but it should still be cheap, I recommend it since it’s the only way to get this game legally, don’t want this game to get lost unless you know how to make it work on MAME.

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