Update for 2017!

A new year, new…well, as if 2016 hadn’t derailed everyone, we don’t exactly know what this year has on offer. As for this site, it’s near enough business as usual, but there are some new stuff I want to do to at least keep the page rolling and not be absent all the time, one review a week isn’t enough, but I need to try and do more for this site and I may have some ideas.

So far, I’ve managed to get 60 followers on my WordPress site, I say that’s quite the achievement, I’m wondering if this was due to The Well-Red Mage interview, which you can click here if you want to know a little bit about me.

But for those who don’t know about me and want to know what I do on this page, I’ll explain what you’ll see on this page and hopefully, what I’ll try and do new for it. With that said…

Game Reviews: This here is my meat and potatoes of the site, game reviews of anything, retro or modern, good or bad, overrated and underrated, and so on and so forth. Nothing will change here, they will be the usual reviews as normal. The time the reviews will be posted though will change from now on, all reviews will be posted at 7pm UK time.

The reason I’m doing this is because most of my readers come from the US, 6am might not be the most suitable time, meaning that for the American audience, you’ll get new posts in the afternoon.

Marathons: So this is where I’ll review a series of games in a series. For example, I would like to review the Star Fox games, Devil May Cry games, the 3D Sonic games and more. So in 2016 I did a few review marathons, like Classic Sonic and the first four Metroid games and 2017 will have it’s own set too, and a couple of them will celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Mini-Review: Sometimes one review ain’t enough, I want to do smaller reviews for games that I feel don’t really need big reviews, it could be anything so they could come out anytime. Now this year, I was writing posts of random games I played, just small sentences of my experience of a game. I thought these posts were a bit cluttered so you’ll get a 500 word or so review of a random game. Now that’s out of the way…

Topics: This is the hardest to try and do, mostly because I can’t think of a topic to write about, do you have anything I could write about, feel free to tell me. I have conjured up something this month so stay tuned.

Reviews at Retromaggedon: I’ll continue to upload exclusive reviews on someone
else’s site. If you want to see some of the reviews there, click here. But if you want to see my reviews specifically, I’ll make a post of links soon.

Rushed Gaming: I want to do more videos where I talk about games in under a minute or so, I just need to get proper video editing software to get it to what I want it to. I’ll have to use Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 for now, which Adobe gave away for free…nah, I’ll use Windows Movie Maker for now.

And that’s about it for now, I hope 2017 is met with a bit more success, but time will tell, and some people do comment depending on what I post, keep them coming, I may reply. So for my next main review (as of this date of publication), it’s a game based of a manga/anime I got into quickly. Here’s a vague hint: memes!


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