Random Game Pickups – December 2016

Happy New Year everybody! And here it is, my final game pickups of 2016, and it was Christmas time. So let’s see what I managed to pick up…

To start off, I managed to get these three games at GAME.


Saints Row IV Re-elected & Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell – Ah yes, it’s the game I’ve been looking forward to playing for a while now, and I’ve already beaten it and it’s standalone expansion, Gat out of Hell. If you want to know more about the game, I’ve already reviewed the main game and the standalone expansion. I got it for £9.99.


Saint Seiya: Soldier’s Soul – I managed to pick up yet another game based off an manga/anime, I’m on a roll here. But this is one I don’t know much of, apart from that it was popular in France and…that’s about it really. I might check out the manga anyway after Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure…and One Punch Man. And for those who are asking why I didn’t get the PS4 version, free online multiplayer…if there are any people still playing it on a PS3 at all…I didn’t think things through did I. I got it for £9.99.


Tearaway Unfolded – I have the Vita original, why I bought the PS4 version was…well, it was cheap, it added more features, I can’t exactly play it not because I don’t have a PS4 camera since I wanted to talk about the nitty gritty features and…do I really need to download an app to get a more advanced experience…oh well, I don’t need all that crap anyway. I got it for £7.99.


Xbox 360 Kinect – I…did not expect to get a Kinect, something that didn’t interest me when it was first released and didn’t interest me when people stopped giving two s**** about it. But here it is anyway, because of course it had to come into my house. I got it at ASDA for £15.

I looked around on Boxing Day and…well there wasn’t much around, but here are the games I managed to get, and they were all bought from CeX:


Demolition Girl – This…I…have you ever been curious…F*** IT! The game revolves around a giant woman destroying the city, why wouldn’t I buy it. But she’s no match for wrath of Monky F***. I got it for £6.


Tekken 4 – If you’re wondering when the next Tekken reviews are coming out…I don’t know, but I want to do Tekken Advance and Tekken Tag Tournament, I just want to find Tekken Hybrid on PS3. After that, I can take a look at this game. I got it for £4.


Tomb Raider HD Trilogy – I will NOT review the classic Tomb Raider…I just can’t play them, but I will review the series from Tomb Raider Legend onwards, and with this HD collection, I’ll have no problem with that. I got it for £8.


Splinter Cell HD Trilogy – I’ve been wanting to fully play the Splinter Cell games for a while, but this is part of a series of Tom Clancy games, and they’re TONS of games, it’s like the Shin Megami Tensei games, I don’t know where to start. I got it for £6.

And that’s about it for gaming pickups in 2016, next month should be 2017 pickups…because I have nothing better to do. I hope 2017 will be much better in terms of pickups. I wonder what deals I’ll get, or what games I’ll pick up, it’s a mystery and I quite like it that way.


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