Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! DAY 25 FINALE

Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you have or will have a great day today, even to those who don’t have that same feeling of Christmas or are offended because I said Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays because Merry Christmas triggers you for some reason, I don’t care, YOU CAN’T KILL CHRISTMAS! So, what is my 25th favourite game?


Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3

If there was a game that introduced me to the series properly, it was this game…on Game Boy Advance. I didn’t have that good of a taste when it came to GBA games since some were terrible, but it was Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 that gave me the humble experience of a Mario game, jumping on enemies, going through unforgettable levels, singing to the tunes and adding naughty lyrics, it’s such a treasured game and I sadly lost it many years ago.

But even then, years later I played the NES original and I still like it, in fact, I like it more than Super Mario World despite me knowing that it’s the superior game. I talked to a friend of mine and he grew up with Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2, so he prefers Super Mario World in general over Super Mario Bros. 3.

So it could be nostalgia, despite me hating it, but at least I can come back to it and enjoy it for being a well-designed and fun game, what else would you expect from this series with its ups and downs. It doesn’t matter which port you play, either on the NES or GBA, it’s a game that gave my childhood something fun whilst being fantastic and showed me what a good game really was.

And that’s it for Advent Calendar, because I’m not doing this s*** again, this was not planned at all, it was an idea inspired by other people, especially those on YouTube and I thought, I’m not doing anything, let’s do this and you can see the quality is nothing like what I make for my full reviews. So the reviews will continue, more games will be played and I’ll be at my grandmother’s house, with my family, together, insulting one another, year after year…and that’s why I love Christmas.



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