Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 24

It’s Day 24, Christmas Eve: It’s cold and spooky but it’s a good night to explore…


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

I’ve played many-a classic Castlevania, seeing which one I like the most, and I managed to save the best ‘til last…and HOLY CRAP is it the best. So you play as Alucard as you explore the castle, kill enemies, collect weapons and…I never thought it would be that game that makes the player feel comfortable getting in to the game, I was going to use a map all the way through, but once I understand how the game works, I weaned off the map and explore everything on my own and it makes the game all the more fun. For a PlayStation game, the graphics look fantastic and shows that 2D games are timeless when done right and the developers at Konami did a bang-up job on it, with its Gothic themes fitting for Castlevania. OK, I’ll confess, I only weaned off the map because I managed to get a map in-game so it was easier for me to explore nearly everything, but it can be challenging as you want it to be in terms of weapons and such, you can make it easier or harder and I love the freedom of everything you can do and it has great gameplay and a dark atmosphere to go with it. Check it out, it’s a fantastic Castlevania game. By the way, how’s that Bloodstained game?


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