Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 22

It’s Day 22, and how about a game about a bunch of kids against…what am I seeing?


EarthboundAlready reviewed

If there was an RPG that properly introduced me to the genre in the most unique way, it was Earthbound, a game about a bunch of kids battling possessed…everything and aliens, in a road trip that has bizarre stuff going on, it never makes you forget about it. The game in its basis is a by-the-numbers RPG gameplay-wise, the most unique thing being that you can see the enemies walking about so there’s no random battles, which gives you a choice of picking which enemies to fight. You have a story that is quite charming, with characters that are absolutely unforgettable, most of them having personalities, I even like the main characters…well two of them, the Paula is the girl character and Ness is the blank slate to put your miserable self into. It’s strange, it’s fun, and it’s a fantastic introduction to anyone interested in getting into the RPG genre, a high recommendation.


3 thoughts on “Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 22

      1. I’m not great at some of my favorites. Legend of Zelda is probably a prime example. I’m okay with action RPGs, but they’re not my preference. I love watching people play games like that though. I could definitely play Earthbound since it’s turn based; I just have never had a chance!

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