Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 18

It’s Day 18 and it’s time for space exploring…


Super Metroid – Already reviewed (In German and French)

This game is a perfect example of an exploration game done very well, taking the best of both Metroid and Metroid II and adding some cool stuff to it and we have a perfect Metroid game. Sure, I do get lost, but I was never stuck for long. It’s also very atmospheric and some of the music helps too. I like this game because, when playing for the first time, it was exploring the unknown, and seeing the strange aliens you had to fight against, whilst collecting upgrades to help you on your way. But even when I do eventually play it for the second time, it’s all about figuring out how to finish the game fast and efficiently, and the game is still fun for it. It’s hours and hours of alien blasting starring one of the best space heroes of all time who was shafted by Other M because Japan can’t keep up with the West in terms of progression…though that Keijo anime, such a beautiful piece of art.


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