Saints Row: Gat out of Hell


So the Saints Row series is done at this point, but I have one final review to do that will finally end the series once and for all…kind of. Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, developed by Volition and High Voltage Software and was published by Deep Silver. It was released in 2015, a couple of years after the release of Saints Row IV. The game is a standalone expansion, so you don’t need Saints Row IV to play it, but it is necessary to understand the story.

So what’s left of the Saints are the only humans alive, but it doesn’t stop them from celebrating Kinzie’s birthday. It’s all fun and games when Volva, the main character I created for the series, gets sucked into a void after playing on an Ouija board. So Johnny Gat, who didn’t die in Saints Row: The Third, and Kinzie Kensington follow suit and end up in a city in Hell, New Hades…that still looks like Steelport.

They manage to find the Ultor building where they find the CEO of the company, Dane Vogel, who was the main villain of Saints Row 2…and still wants to make money in Hell…go with it, it’s Saints Row. Apparently, Satan took Volva so she can marry his daughter Jezebel. So in order for Johnny and Kinzie to get Volva back, they need to do what they do best, cause death, destruction and all sorts of mayhem in order to get Satan’s attention and to finally battle him.

This seems nice!

So you can play as either Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington, though the main story pretty much focuses on Johnny Gat. I mean, it’s difficult trying to play one of two awesome characters, but I played as Kinzie for the majority of it. Am I disappointed that I wasn’t able to play the character I made? A bit, but at least I still get to play as characters I like, but for those who don’t…well, tough luck I guess.

The superpowers are back…well; they’re not SUPER powers, but DEMON powers. You can still run fast but now you have wings and you can fly all over the place, though it does have its limits…until you upgrade it so you can fly infinitely…though in order to increase your speed you can use mini-wings and they are limited. Oh, and vehicles are still pointless in this game and I only drove one once just to get to the Ultor building at the beginning at the game before I got my demonic powers.

You will believe a nerd can fly!

The elemental powers are back but they’re different as Blast uses Stone to freeze your enemies, Stomp does what it does, Aura is similar to what you got in Saints Row IV and Summons, where you can summon imps to kill your enemies. Like Saints Row IV, you can upgrade them to use more abilities…and I’ll explain in a bit.

In order to get Satan’s attention, you must ally with some characters who once served in this place. You have William Shakespeare, Blackbeard, Vlad the Impaler and Kiki & Viola DeWynter from Saints Row: The Third. And after doing some tutorial missions…well, this is where the game falls flat on its face. Remember the activities you did alongside the main missions? Well the activities in this expansion ARE the main missions and are similar to the ones you played in Saints Row IV with some new ones that are pretty good when you play them.

Pirates of the Caribbean 255: We finally have a good idea for once

So I played a few, tasked by the allies, and my thought was that I would do these activities and then I’ll play the main missions. So I did the activities, got a couple of cutscenes to see the progression of the story and after doing that, I had to fight the devil and I thought, “Hold on! That’s it?” Yep, it took me a few hours to beat the bloody thing, I know it’s an expansion pack but a few hours’ worth of game is just plain crap. I know there are challenges to do but there’s no point if the story is short.

I brought The Devil’s Workshop for goodness sake, that add-on that wasn’t on-disc, which consists of a colour change for the wings to represent the Saints and William Shakespeare’s Skull Weapon…which was only good for destroying vehicles slowly if you didn’t have a rocket launcher. So yeah, despite paying about £1.50 for the pack, it was still a waste of money, you don’t need it and it’s Volition’s middle finger, the get rich-quick scheme.

There’s no point in an Ambulance as they fill their quotas by any means necessary.

And let me talk about one of the worst missions you do in this game, where you have to rescue your allies for some reason, now most of them are challenging but not impossible, it was done in no time…but then there was one where you have to get one out WHILST FIGHTING GIANT MONSTERS THAT CAN TAKE MOST OF YOUR HEALTH AWAY! And what’s worse is that more and more appear the more you kill them, that nearly made me quit the game. I couldn’t get the ally out whilst battling monsters that can hamper my progress. Thankfully I managed to do it but I was still bloody disgruntled at the whole thing.

Remember the powers I talked about? You can upgrade them by once again, finding clusters, but I never upgraded all of them since the game ended before I got them all and I didn’t find the clusters, I had no incentive into finding them and I already exhausted myself finding every single cluster in Saints Row IV.


And finally, the ending of this game. After defeating Satan, Johnny speaks with God (I know it’s spoilers but it’s such a pointless story at this point…sort of) and God lets him choose what he wants to do, giving you multiple endings, I chose one where the Saints find a planet they can live in, but there are warlord aliens living there, which excites Johnny, I thought this was a fitting end to the series, but even then, I didn’t like any of the endings we got…except for one, where you can restore Earth…at the cost of the Saints not existing anymore. And to my surprise, THIS was the canonical ending, since it sets up the events for the upcoming game, Agents of Mayhem, so the Saints Row series lives on…sort of.

The comedy is here from Saints Row IV, just not enough of it, I mean there is a musical number that parodies Disney movies and since the developers blew their load onto this moment, that’s all the silliness we get at that point. The characters are OK, I still like the main characters but they feel under-utilised. The graphics are the same as Saints Row IV minus the bugs and glitches and there’s barely any music here. The level design once again feels like a recycled job, I mean, it now looks like Hell, but it’s not that interesting and it’s a Hell I would expect from a mile away.

When you unintentionally make a screenshot of Kinzie with wings flying too close to the sun. True Art!

Overall, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is a very disappointing expansion and it’s a good thing I got it with Saints Row IV on-disc because full priced ain’t cutting it, if you see it for around £5, then I recommend it, play it, finish it and never speak of it again. I mean, it’s still a good game, its Saints Row after all. The flying mechanics are really good, something I wish was implemented in Saints Row IV, but the game’s length and missions are poor and everything else felt like I wasted my time, it’s a time-waster to see one of the endings, with all of them being disappointing. And that’s what I got from this game, sheer disappointment.

You can get it on Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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