Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 16

It’s Day 16, and one of my favourite games was way before it could become a Last of Us clone…


God of War

Greek mythology, monsters, revenge, swords, violence, blood, boobs! All this and more should you choose to play God of War.

So a Spartan’s journey to kill the God who made him do the violent deeds against the people of Olympus. But the gameplay is so good, slicing and dicing your enemies with your twin swords, it’s smooth and near responsive. I just love the game for it’s free-flowing gameplay, it’s cinematic and the quick-time mechanics are OK, I didn’t find them too annoying and the magic spells do help when times get tough. The world is the war-torn Greek mythological world but for the PS2, it looks SO GOOD! Oh, and the violence and sexual content is…satisfying? Yeah, satisfying! And then there’s Kratos, the most angriest man in video games and everything he does is epic…if a bit hammy, to the point where you just smirk at some points. God of War is a fantastic PS2 game and I recommend it, though get the PS3 re-release if you want a cleaner version.


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