Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 14

Day 14, and the streets are filled with crime, it’s time to stop this…


Streets of Rage II – This is a game I’ve already reviewed, though I feel like re-reviewing it.

This is the game that made me a fan of beat ‘em ups, it made me explore more to see if it could hold up to Streets of Rage II…I have not found it yet, so Streets of Rage II is still the best. It’s simple like the first game but it adds much more to the combat in the sequel, adding more moves, with each character being unique with their own strengths and weaknesses. You have four characters, replaced one and put two new characters. The game is stupidly fun with another player…probably because a nephew of mine will not play anything else other than this game, but at least it’s a good game, the more I play it, the more I appreciate it. Bare Knuckle III would have been on the list as it’s more balanced than Streets of Rage 3, but for memorability, and the memories I’ll always have when playing with someone else.


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