Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 13

It’s Day 13, and all of the world’s problems have been caused by a sword, it’s…


Soul Edge (Soul Blade)

This is another game from my childhood, a fighter I remember the most. You have nine warriors fighting over a deadly sword. But even with that, the fighting mechanics are fantastic despite, you can use your weapons, or punch and kick, but it’s all about skill, how you can use strong attacks, see if you can finally pull off that button combination. It’s just a great fighting game even today, and the best part? This is the first game of the Soul Calibur series, I never knew that for years but at least it’s a fantastic start to a good fighting series. With memorable characters, fun but skillful gameplay and music that is just awesome and lifts up the experience, Soul Blade is a must-play for those who want to play some PS1 fighting games. And I would like to thank my two Uncles for introducing me to this game.



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