Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 10

It’s Day 10, and it’s a Sonic game that made me a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog…


Sonic Advance 2

It may not be a perfect game, but as a child, it was fun as heck…probably because I didn’t have many games at the time. The gameplay of its fast-paced gameplay was highly appealing, there are fun levels to get from A to B, it’s one of those games that was challenging to me but I managed to beat it. And then I played as the other characters, each with their own skills to increase replay value, it was a fantastic game as a child. Nowadays, it’s still something great to play in an afternoon, though nowadays I find some faults with it, most notably the special stage and how to access it, and this is a problem with all the Advance games. But this is a Sonic game I recommend, I also recommend Sonic Advance too as it’s just as good as Sonic Advance 2.


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