Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 8

It’s Day 8 of my 25 favourite games, so how about continuing this festive season with something completely depressing but makes for someone you want to hug…


Max Payne – This is a game I’ve already reviewed but I’ll give a summary anyway.

Ah yes, Max Payne, and his surname isn’t something stupidly dark and edgy, it acutally means something…as well as something dark. The gameplay is cool, with the bullet time shooting, walking around in a wintery but dank as hell street, the story is engrossing and Max Payne is a brilliant tragedy character. The gameplay may be dated a teeny bit but out of all the three games I’ve played (Yes, I have played Max Payne 3), this remains my favourite. From its comic panels to make it more noir, to the conspiracies that relate to Max, it’s a great character study, which is unique for video games, but the gameplay is still good enough to recommend.


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