Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 6

Day Six is here and it’s a game I was very glad to play but one you may not play unless you use emulation…unless you have a great disposable income…



This is a game I’ll review next year, so I’ll just give you small talk about the game. Snatcher, created by Hideo Kojima…OOH! Did you see that new trailer for Death Stranding, it looks amazing…and I still don’t know anything about the game other than the trailer. Don’t let us down Kojima…I know you won’t, but this is for you.

Snatcher is an graphic adventure game, whilst there’s not much game to it, it’s mostly investigating a series of murders set in the future, inspired by Blade Runner…and I mean the look of it, I don’t know story-wise, but you can tell Kojima had some good inspirations. But it’s the plot that’s highly enjoyable, it’s the characters that are highly unforgettable, for its time, it was dark by video game standards. Heck, even when it was released in the west on the Sega CD, it was unlike anything people had seen…for those who actually bought it. It was also known for its violence, you don’t see the deaths, just the aftermaths and one infamous moment that shows you this plot ain’t f****** about, and I salute Sega for not censoring that much stuff but still giving us the good stuff fresh from Japan. But even with its dark tones, it still has some humorous moments and it fits perfectly well into this futuristic world.

I do have to warn you that this isn’t really a game in the usual sense, and I’m talking to modern gamers here, since in order to progress through the story, you need to open menus and select stuff to interact and so stuff, you do get a few shooting bits but they’re minimal but is supposed to invest in the game. But if you still want to try something different, give it a go.


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