Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 4

And my fourth pick on the advent calendar for my favourite games is…


Gunstar Heroes

This game is so good, I have it on the 3DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Steam…but not on the Sega Mega Drive, that’s what happens when you make the original game expensive as heck.

It’s the perfect and fast-paced run and gun game where shooting everything is the name of the game, you have two types of controlling so everyone has a choice on how to play the game. It might be challenging, but it’s so fun and the 2-player mode just makes it all the better. Due to the developer, Treasure, being based off employees from Konami, they had experience on making some graphical trickery and it’s utterly brilliant…and Sega didn’t want to release this in the West…you utter morons.

The game is challenging but it’s one of those games where you try and try again, but the challenge is still accessible to everyone. The game reminds me of Metal Slug, the minimal and stylish characters, the amount of weapons and free-style shooting, but I quite like Gunstar Heroes a little bit more due to it being more vibrant and just crazy with its high-speed gameplay, graphics that just kick the Sega Mega Drive into high gear.

Thanks to its many ports, you can try it out for yourself, make sure you have a friend to play too, it’s more fun that way.


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