Random Game Pickups – November 2016

Hi everyone, I’m back again with another series of games I picked up last month. Well this is going to be a short one since we’re coming up to Christmas, so might as well collect tons in the holidays…then Black Friday happened. Yep, it seems that the UK adopted Black Friday just to make money, and since we’re on the verge of Brexit, it’s needed now more than ever.


God of War Origins Collection – Since my PSP can’t read discs properly, might as well get the PS3 versions of a favourite series of mine, and it’s from the US…albeit the seller was from the UK and might have gotten it from the US. I’ll review the God of War series when I have enough games to review for a month of God of War…or a marathon since there are a good chunk of games in the series. I got it on eBay for 99p and £1.27 P+P.


Castlevania 64 – Ooh! One of the Castlevania games on the N64, despite it’s not-so-good reputation since it was trying to transfer from 2D to 3D, I’ll give it a go. I got it at CeX for £12. Whilst this game’s price is slightly fair to an extent giving it’s Castlevania, it’s Legacy of Darkness that will be more difficult to find for a good price.


Donkey Kong Jungle Beat – Well this is a game I didn’t expect to get at a decent price, I’ve managed to play the Donkey Kong Country games so Donkey Kong 64 is next. But I managed to pick up a copy of this…so I guess it’s time to use the DK bongos since it’s collecting dust in a box…and yes, you can only play the game with the bongos. I got it at CeX for £6.


Sega 3D Classics Collection – I promised myself to pick up this game when it was announced that it would FINALLY get a November release in Europe…meaning that this is the first game in the Random Pickups that I got at launch…albeit a day later, but it’s a new game…or a compilation of old games but whatever, I finally have it. And, I wrote a review of the entire compilation, click here to read it. I got it in Argos for £24.99. And in the UK, you can ONLY  get it in Argos, I was F****** screwing when I found out a day later after its release when I tried to find it.


Goldeneye 007 – OH DAMN! CeX retro gaming is getting better by the day, and I managed to get this for a good price. I have played a bit of it before and I remembered enjoying it, so I look forward to fully experience it. I’ve been trying to collect this one for a while now, but I wonder how much this game has aged? I got it for £7.

I went shopping on Black Friday and I got some good deals though I had to have a limit money-wise because I would have gone insane, but I only got games I REALLY wanted to get. These are games I got from GAME and I got them for £9.99 each, except for one game.


OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition – YES! This is something I kept a very close eye on. So there are two games in the OlliOlli series and I was thinking of getting them for the PS Vita because it’s only good for downloads. But I was happy it got a physical release and it comes with both games and a couple of extras.


DmC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition – Also known as “GIVE ME MY DANTE OR GIVE ME DEATH!” Definitive Edition, I’ve come to love the Devil May Cry series…1 & 3! I know this game will be remembered for the character change of Dante, but since I never played the games in the series until now, I’ll give it a chance, so long as the game is good.


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor: Game of the Year Edition – One does not simply buy the base game! You got to have all the extras on disc. And thank goodness for that, I know I haven’t played the previous Lord of the Rings games but…I don’t really care at the moment, so I’ll either review this or maybe go back and play the others. But considering that this won a BAFTA, out of all of the games in the series this may be the one game to rule them all.


Doom (2016) – Well holy s*** I never expected to pick this one up at this time, but this is the ONE game this year I was interested in playing and considering I love the Doom series, having this in my hands is quite the wonder and awe. I really look forward to playing this. And whilst I have reviewed the first Doom game before, I do want to do a re-review of it, then take a look at Doom 2 and the other extras, then Doom 3…maybe, then Doom…yeah, we’ll call it Doom 2016. I got it for £13, a very good deal for a game that was released this year.

And before I left, I popped down to CeX to get one more game that may need some love…


Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. – So recently I joined Twitter and it’s a great place to go on so long as you avoid certain people. But I heard of this game popping up at a couple of points, with a gaming commentator saying that it’s an underrated game, and it’s made by Nintendo. I have seen the game before when it was announced but like many people, I got forgot about it. So because it was cheap, it was the best time to pick it up. I got it for £6.

The next three games I got from eBay and all are Famicom games.


Soccer – It’s a football game by Nintendo…it’s cheaper than getting the NES version believe it or not…I mean it is a sports game and sports games are cheap as chips. I’m not expecting much but eh, I have it and it’s part of my strangely growing Famicom collection. I got it for 80p + £1.80 P+P.


Yossy Egg (or Yoshi’s Egg…or Yoshi…or Mario & Yoshi) – A puzzle game made by the same people who would make Pokemon starring that beloved green dinosaur and eggs are involved I guess, that’s one to cross off getting on Virtual Console. I got it for £1.08 + £1.60 P+P.


Yoshi’s Cookie – I later got the other Yoshi game released for the Famicom…and it’s food related, and when it comes to food, Yoshi is a beast. Funny how I never expected to get this one especially after Yoshi’s Egg, it seems fitting I guess. I got it for £1.08 + £1.60 P+P.


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