Every Gamer’s Advent Calendar! Day 1

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m kind of bored so I decided to make a list of my favourite games, all 25 of them, one game for each day. I’ve reviewed, some I haven’t, and all in the name of Christmas right up until Christmas Day. They will be in no particular order, apart from the 25th game which will be my absolute favourite. Some have been reviewed and some haven’t but they will be reviewed in detail, I’m just going to just give some small analysis on these games because I want to save my in-depth analysis for the full reviews. So with that said…let’s begin…oh…Chrono Trigger would have been here but I haven’t finished playing the game…I mean, it’s good from what I’ve played but…OK. For my first favourite game is…



I never expected this game to be on my list but it’s a fantastic NES game. A green blob needing to rescue his owner, a little girl, after being kidnapped by her toys. Why is that? Because she preferred to play with the green blob. This platformer was different in that it uses real-life physics, jaw-dropping music, gorgeous graphics, challenging difficulty that is actually fair for once, it’s a game you need to play over and over again to master it and mastering it is fun to do…all this on an 8-bit system. It’s a unique platformer that makes for a near-perfect game that disguises it’s coolness with a cutesy motif, which may have screwed this game over since cutesy characters weren’t cool enough for a US release, but Japan and Scandinavia is A-OK! I would recommend you pick it up…but most of you can’t afford it…the next best thing is the PS1 version on the Japanese PSN Store if you have an account.


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