My thoughts on the Nintendo Switch…so far!

And then Nintendo went out for Domino’s Pizza

SO! After months and months of speculations and getting sick and tired of waiting, we finally get to see Nintendo’s upcoming console. So remember when people said it may be a console/handheld hybrid that uses cartridges? Well it’s true after all. The Nintendo NX is now the Nintendo Switch. So what kind of hybrid is it?

Taking an arrow to the knee on the go, and one joke to drive down my credibility!

The design and concept of Switch

So from what I’ve read and seen, you have a portable console, so basically a tablet with Nintendo controllers and buttons, you’re able to play games with it, you can take the controllers and remove them, they’re known as the “Joy-Con” controllers (Could have thought of a better name than Joy-Con). You can use both of the controllers to…well, play games. In terms of multiplayer, you can share the controllers between other people.

I do like the fact that they’re at least trying to keep the spirit of local multiplayer, so it’s not marketed to a friendless b****** like me and more to the 30-40 year olds who drink beer, joke around and play games with each other, those teens will be doing it local for five minutes and go back online.

And so, what we see here, is the pinnacle of gaming as we know it. A normal gaming controller!

But if handheld gaming isn’t for you, then you can sit it on a “Nintendo Switch Dock” that will connect it to your TV and play games that way with a TRADITIONAL CONTROLLER, thank goodness for that, this is something I’ve wanted since the Wii U…though I wonder if it will come with the system in the box or Nintendo will be a p**** about it and sell it separately like the PS4 and Xbox One.

So what do I think of the system and what it can do from what I’ve heard and seen so far? Well I’ve somehow weaned more to handheld gaming due to being on the laptop writing stuff or just doing nothing for some reason, so this is something that’s REALLY to my taste, though it doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned console gaming, at all. In terms of console gaming, it’s something that’s cool for Nintendo; it’s less gimmicky (the term being, “less”) and something that will appeal to people who just wants to play consoles normally, it’s the best of both worlds, for handheld gamers and console gamers.

WOAH! People play sports games? WHAT’S THIS SORCERY?

The games!

The only games we know off is from the trailer, we’ve got The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind, we’ve come to expect that, then some Mario Kart 8 with the “Joy-Con” controller compatibility. And then we see Skyrim…either the Legendary Editon or the upcoming Special Edition…hmm, interesting, Nintendo finally getting a Skyrim game is a decent step forward. Then there’s NBA 2K…a sports game, never mind. Then there’s Splatoon. I guess for Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon, the Switch may have Wii U compatibility…or do remastered versions (OH GOD, I hope that isn’t the case Nintendo, don’t be THAT lazy for the good of the gaming industry).

It ain’t a console announcement without that guy you drag out every five minutes for good enough reasons.

But then we saw a Mario game in levels we haven’t seen before, indicating that this will be a new Mario game. I’ve said many times that I want a Mario game like Super Mario 64, but improved as such, but if we’re getting another Super Mario 3D World, we’re going to have a problem here.

Introducing the Nintendo Sandwich!

What else I want from the system!

In terms of the handheld system, we would all want a good battery life, something that would last the trip to Australia…well, not that good, But I say more than 10 hours at best…maybe, BUT NOT FOUR BLOODY HOURS!!! DAMN THAT WAS A JOKE AND A HALF!

How about making it a region free system, I applaud the PS3, some games on the Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One for being region free, which is why I got Mega Man Legacy Collection for the PS4 and it’s a good thing. The Wii U should have had that in the first place, I want to play some games that won’t be released in Europe, or you want to play games that don’t come out in the US or the west altogether, so please, for the sake of the gaming community, give me some Japanese games that I can play in Europe without any region lock-on.

Obviously, we need some third-party games that will help the console, and then we need some quality first and second-party games, something that will make me want to get the console.

Should you throw them in a ditch now or later?

But what about the 3DS and Wii U?

Ooh…I guess the 3DS will still be supported in one way or another since there will be people who still have a 3DS and probably won’t be able to buy a Switch as of yet, so there will still be games released. As for the Wii U? Well…it died a long time ago but I the support may be less and less…unless you like Just Dance so that crap will be abundant.

So from what I’ve seen so far, I’m happy with what I’ve seen and I’ll probably pick it up. But for £399? NAH! Maybe £200-300, yep! So from the reactions from people, it’s quite positive so far. So Nintendo, you’ve won my interest for now, all that matters is one thing and only one thing I say to you Nintendo…




3 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Nintendo Switch…so far!

  1. I’ve also become more of a handheld gamer over the years. It helps that Nintendo’s handhelds have been top-notch at least compared to their consoles. It’s smart for Nintendo to be playing to the strengths, and I hope it works out for them. I’m excited for the Nintendo Switch, for sure!

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