Random Game Pickups – August 2016


Akai Katana – I managed to pick up another bullet hell shooter for the Xbox 360, and this time…I don’t know, it’s another bullet hell shooter for the Xbox 360. I got it at CeX for £6.


Kirby and the Amazing Mirror – I managed to get a Kirby game for the GBA at a market in Great Yarmouth for £3. This sounds like a fantastic price, and it is. Now I want you to take a good look at this cartridge. Have you had enough time to observe this? Good! Because this is FAKE. Yep, a US cart somehow has a European ROM in it, which made me suspicious to the point where I researched it and yes, this was fake.


This is what the cart is supposed to look like. This is the official US GBA cart, so if you ever find this one, this isn’t fake, this one is real, the other picture is a fake.


Final Fantasy X: Official Strategy Guide – I know it isn’t a game, but you know what, it’s a Strategy Guide, so it counts. This time, it’s for Final Fantasy X and when I get to it, this may be useful for the experience. I got it at a charity shop for £1, for a Final Fantasy Strategy Guide, that’s a great deal.


Killer Loop – These are the next three games I got from the same charity shop I got the Final Fantasy X: Official Strategy Guide that day and they’re all £1 each. I need to point out that each of them have a disc, case, but no front sleeve and instruction manual, I’ll collect them when I can find them. So from what I know, it’s a futuristic racing game…and that’s about it.


Dragon Tales: Dragon Seek – This is a licensed game for pre-school children. I think I’ve seen it once…I don’t know.


Lilo & Stitch (Disney’s): Trouble in Paradise – Has anyone seen the Lilo & Stitch movie. I remember seeing this at the cinemas many years ago and I enjoyed it…well I was a child and I liked a lot of things…except for that time I walked out on The Princess Diaries 2…and I liked the first one. But back on track. I actually picked this one up because Caddicarus reviewed it, meaning that online reviews DO NOT hurt companies and taking down what’s feeding you may not be a good idea.

I went to Brighton this month and found a shop named Snooper’s Paradise. It has bits and bobs but I was looking at the games section, and there were a lot of imports, especially for the PS1 and Sega Saturn. I only got two games. I have no idea why I didn’t buy more but oh well, there’s always next year…maybe.


The Ninja – So this was a port of an arcade game made by Sega. You play as a Ninja who changed sex from female to male during the transition from Arcade to Sega Master System…it’s progressive, right? I got it for £2.95.


Rage Racer – Yes, I got my third PS1 Japanese imported game, and it’s from my favourite arcade racers, Ridge Racer. I’ve already made a draft review of Ridge Racer and Revolution so this will be next and I look forward to playing this. I got it for £4.95.

Later that day, I went to the Brighton shopping centre and went to GAME and got…


Blazblue: Continuum Shift – I got a fighting game, one of those flashy ones, I’ve never played them before so hopefully this will introduce me to that kind of fighting games after playing the likes of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat and whatnot. I got it for £2.99.


Deathsmiles Deluxe Edition – YES! From what I assume, I’ve collected nearly all the bullet hell games on Xbox 360 apart from DoDonPachi Resurrection. By the way, what is it with these shoot ’em ups and the covers looking like it has nothing to do with the game…I don’t know. I got it for £4.99.


Jonathan McIntosh Chronicles II – So you may be wondering if I ever got the first game? Well that was to be the case…except for the fact that this game includes the first game on disc…as far as I know. And yes, the title alone makes for absolute comedy gold. I got it for £6.99.

Later in the month, I went to GAME in my town and got…


Heavenly Sword – This is an early PS3 game, not a launch title. I don’t know much about this game other than a demo I played years ago but I don’t remember much. Hopefully that’s not foreshadowing into the full experience. I got it for £1.99, the spare change of game purchases.


Dragon Quest Heroes – The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below – You know, I’m looking forward for an English release of Dragon Quest Builders, I mean, who would not want a mix of Dragon Quest and Minecraft? Until then, Dragon Quest: It’s Dynasty Warriors! I’ve had experience with the first Dragon Quest I…didn’t finish it. I got it for £9.99, and what a great price for a game like this, and for the PS4 too.

Another seaside trip to Clacton, which happen to have a CeX. So here’s what I got:


Buck Bumble – The UK apologises for the utterly dated theme…it was the 90’s, club tunes were the dog’s biscuit back in the day. This has a somewhat strange reputation since the US weren’t too fond of this game…at all, but the UK on the other hand, liked it. I don’t know if it’s the theme or gameplay that we liked or the fact that it was developed in Britain or the fact that this was developed by Argonaut Games, who assisted in the programming of Star Fox, who knows. I got it for £5. By the way, CeX are selling N64 and SNES games now, fine by me.


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – Hey Sony, a Super Smash Bros. clone is fine and all, but erm…where’s Crash or Spyro? They’re not in the game? Well BYYYYYYYYYYE!!! I mean, what was the point of this game. This has since become a forgotten game whilst Super Smash Bros. remains strong. I got it for £5.


Virtua Fighter 5 – Remember when Virtua Fighter was a legitimate series and not a bunch of cameos for Dead or Alive? Well this is the last game in the main series but this is Sega, and it ain’t Sonic, SO WHO CARES? I got it for £2.50


The Club – I don’t know what this is, but it was 80p so…next!


Metroid: Other M – AIE! Yep, it’s this game. I’ll review the first four Metroid games this year and then the Prime games another day…and then this game, and I have a ton of things to say about this game. I got it for £2


6 thoughts on “Random Game Pickups – August 2016

  1. Great! good to see such great deals! Do you even buy games and console online or you think it’s better to find them in the markets? I’m building my collection but I just began so I need some tips… 😉

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