Cousin’s Landscape Gardening Adventure

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m supposed to be on a break, but this is just for fun and it’s quite relevant now than it will be later (No, not the Olympics). And yes, this is a (sort of) review of a game, a free game nonetheless. Why? Again, for fun, no money made from this. So let me explain what this is and why I’m doing this.

So there’s a British YouTuber who goes by the name of Daniel Ibbertson, known as DJ Slopes (and yes, he is a real life DJ too) and has a gaming video series called Slope’s Game Room, I’ll have a link to his channel and whatnot down below. His videos consist of histories of gaming series or a game in general, fact videos of a gaming character or a console, documentaries related to gaming. He also has special series where he will talk about Disney films and what games were made for each film, if at all. He also did this for The Avengers superheroes. Yeah, I feel his videos are different enough from the rest and even has history of gaming I never knew, add to the fact that he always has a cheery personality, somewhat friendly and I feel good watching his videos; I may like the good ol’ Angry Video Game Nerd and other similar types of videos, but then you got people like DJ Slopes to balance things out. It’s a fantastic channel so feel free to subscribe to him to check out his videos, here’s my favourite video.

Now as of the 21st August 2016, he just recently got 10,000 subscribers and I’m happy for him and wish him more success. And to celebrate, he made a relaxing live-stream and just recently made an Subscriber video saying thank you and what not, but he also shared a game someone made for him. And the reason for this is hilarious.

Cousin’s Landscape Gardening Adventure, developed by Tom Wyatt, a friend of DJ Slopes and…well it was released to the public today as of review publishing, but the game was made years ago, but now we all get a chance to play it.

So in the Subscriber video, DJ Slopes explains how many years ago, he wasn’t a very good driver, so much so that he had a crash one Boxing Day and that the reason why he crashed was because he saw a flashing light…though he may have said that by accident, but his friends took the mickey out of him by saying that he may have saw a ghost (this is relevant by the way). In fact, his friends nicknamed him Cousin. So this game was made based on his driving experiences of yesteryear. But don’t worry, he’s a much better driver and doesn’t crash anymore. So why not take a trip to the Skull-Lightning car and see what we got in store whilst I reference things based on real life…and for goodness sake, avoid tripping over the bracket keys.

2016-08-21 (5).png
I’m afraid of a lot of ghosts!

The game is a driving game that’s quite similar to Outrun (I may review that later in the year). Your task is to simply drive to Co-Op (a UK shop where you can buy goods, mostly food and drink) to get some cheap Cider (DJ Slopes’ favourite drink at the time). You need to avoid crashing (just like real life), avoid ghosts (relevant) and avoid getting speeding tickets, otherwise you’re going to lose money, and you need that money to spend on cheap Cider and the amount of Cider you buy will count as your high score. Also, you can collect Monster Energy Drinks to speed boost (another one of DJ Slopes’ favourite drinks), but…

2016-08-21 (6).png
And yes, his car was probably as cheap as the Cider he so desires.

When playing the game, you can tell how much of a wreckless driver DJ Slopes used to be, slipping and sliding and all. Heck, halfway through the game, his steering wheel jams so it’s difficult to turn properly and thus lead to more crashes, so you’re more likely to lose all your money and you’re left with no money. You have a timer and when it reaches zero…your girlfriend calls you whilst you’re driving, holding on your face one of the most indestructible forces in the entire universe…a Nokia phone.

2016-08-21 (4).png
His wife’s favourite drink is Red Bull, it gives her wings and is known in the streets as ‘The Bird’ (just kidding)

So, to get DJ Slopes his precious Cider (C’est Cidre, Not Cider), you pretty much need to slowly drive, avoiding crashing, avoiding the Monster Energy Drinks so you don’t speed up and uncontrollably crash and hopefully you have enough money to get to Co-Op. I mean, it’s possible, and for further proof,  here’s my score:

74? Now that’s one way ticket to death by Alcohol Poisoning.

Don’t worry, this isn’t an actual review, it’s just for fun and I wanted to let more people know about a YouTuber. He didn’t tell me to review it, and it’s not an promotion, I did it because I wanted to…and because I really wanted something to do on a Sunday night so thanks for keeping me occupied DJ Slopes, you right nutter!

As promised, if you want to check out his YouTube channel, here a link. If you want to download the game for yourself, here’s a link to that.

So see you on the 1st September for a gaming pickup post…unless I have something else to post during August…I don’t know.


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