10 PC Engine Games that should be on Europe/US Virtual Console


Well…this was unexpected. Yep, it seems Konami have realised that they have games that aren’t selling, so might as well sell them again. Yep, the PC Engine games are back on Nintendo consoles to download…OK, I know it’s supposed to be TurboGrafx in the west, especially the US, but I like the name PC Engine so I’m sticking to it. Bonk’s Adventure, New Adventure Island and R-Type are available to purchase and I’ll pick them up as soon as possible. Heck, in Japan, there’s PC Engine games on the 3DS, Gradius, The Kung Fu, Alien Crush and R-Type, so I hope we get some games on that system too…16-bit games on an original 3DS…DAMMIT NINTENDO!!! Anyway, I think it’s time to do a list of games I want to be on the Virtual Console service, heck, I hope we get MSX games but that’s for another day. Now this won’t be a top 10 list but ten games I would like to see on the list.

Can Mario bash a dinosaur to death? YOSHI DOESN’T COUNT, THIS IS A REAL DINOSAUR!!!
Bonk has been…very busy!

1. Bonk’s Revenge & Bonk 3: Bonk’s Big Adventure – This bald headed git is a nice way to start off. I’ve already played the first game and it’s already being released on the service so might as well release the rest of the games. Heck, what about Air Zonk? Yeah, I’ll put it on this spot too. So we have platformers where the only weapon is your head in the hopes that you don’t get brain damage.

It was either this ugly mug or some weird looking bird that looks like Liv Tyler

2. The Crush Pinball Series – As in series, I mean the two games that were released on the PC Engine, Alien Crush and Devil’s Crush. These look to be some high-quality pinball games…for a video game. I mean, you get a pinball game set in a sci-fi world filled with scary aliens and a pinball game set in Hell, what’s not to enjoy. If they do get released I would like them to be released on the 3DS, to me, they feel so right on a handheld.

Open this one, and you’ll have a gay old time!
We’re hiding nothing!

3. Cho Aniki and Ai Cho Aniki – Yeah…these games, you’re probably asking…why? Because it’s Cho Aniki, a shooter where you have shields consisting of muscle-bound men and that’s the joke, but it gets weirder as the series continued on…and then there’s the PlayStation game…shudders…

Something for the kids to draw
I’m…not going there. Tempting, but I’m better than that
Fresh from Australia. STREUTH!!!

4. The Bomberman Games – Ah Bomberman, you’re a character that could never be sold to the west if you were created today. Bomberman ’90, ’93 and ’94. Good multiplayer fun, you blow each other up. A Black Bomberman is the villain and it’s hilarious (and a little bit wrong) in a certain context.

I got nothing, it’s just gorgeous

5. Gradius – Well why not, a great shooter from Konami, and I hope it’s a good port of the arcade classic…or I could get Gradius Collection on the PSP. I don’t know.

I’ve had it with these motherf****** snakes…in space?

6. Salamander – Another shooter from Konami, this one looks weirder, though probably because of the level design of the first stage…or I could get Salamander Collection on the PSP…though that is actually expensive and it’s not in the Japanese PlayStation Store.

Also known as a needless lawsuit

7. Splatterhouse – A game that somehow wasn’t involved in the gaming controversy alongside Mortal Kombat, but hey, you’re not killing people, but all sorts of monsters. You play as Jason…I mean Rick, as you rescue your girlfriend from monsters created by a mad professor, though this one has a twist and you never see coming if you play it first-time.

OH YEAH!!! Another fantastic art piece

8. Ys I & II – OK, this is a different JRPG that I’ve played and it’s good, I’ve written a review and you’ll see it…someday. You play as some dude, get your gear, defeat evil…OK, there’s more to it but it’s a JRPG, what do you really expect from Japan?

Don’t worry Marina Joyce, a rescue team has been dispatched!

9. Vigilante – How about a good ol’ beat ’em up, the bare necessities for a game in the 80’s, kick and punch skinheads and save your girlfriend because why not. Yeah, this is filler.

A cutesy game where you prevent Hell on Earth…of course

10. Magical Chase – And we end the the list with a Cute ’em Up. You play as a witch as you defeat enemies…and that’s about it I guess. This is another good one for the 3DS…though why did they change colours for the US release when it was released on TurboGrafx? Who knows.

Are there any games from the console you’d want on the Virtual Console service? Comment down below.


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