Random Game Pickups – July 2016

Hi everyone, back again with some Random Game Pickups for July. For those who don’t know, I’m on a break and regular reviews will be back in September on Saturdays instead of Tuesdays because why not? But Pickups will always be posted every month. So let’s get started.


Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies – It’s a Treasure game, need to pay my respects…with money…to get this game. This is a game I’ll play but I need to play the first one but thankfully it’s on the Wii U Virtual Console (hopefully in English) and hopefully it isn’t de-listed by the time I manage to try and pick it up. I got to say, I love the cover art for this, I wish there were more cover art like that…then again, this is from Japan, any western games that have awesome cover art like this. I got it in GAME for £4.99.


Knack – You poor thing! I really wanted this game to succeed but Call of Duty and Skylanders weren’t having any of that. I mean, it makes sense to make a kids game for the PS4 because kids play games too but…well I don’t know the issues of this game because I’ve never played it apart from a demo in GAME and even then I didn’t play much of it but I will play this and it shouldn’t be an issue, it is a kids game after all. Ignore the sticker on the game because I got it on a sale at GAME for £7.99.


Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess – Well…finally, I actually have a game on my shelf with Japanese sexy women on it? I swear I’ll try to do better. Anyway, this is a part of the Deception series…sooooo…Devil’s Deception, PS1, was released in Europe. Nice. Kagero: Deception II, PS1, also released in Europe. Nice again. Deception III: Dark Delusion, PS1, not released in Europe. Damn. Was released in the US…I’ll have to check up on that. Trapt, PS2, released in Europe. Nice. Deception IV: Blood Ties, PS3 and Vita, I don’t need it because The Nightmare Princess is an updated version of Blood Ties, so I may do a marathon on this series if all goes well and I can find a way to play these games. Again, ignore the sticker because I got it for on a sale for £9.99 at GAME.


Medal of Honor: Frontline – So…it’s a first-person shooter but after the same old future or modern military games I could go back to World War II (video game-wise, not…real life). I got it on eBay for…1p, YEP! 1p!


The Adventures of Bayou Billy – Got it for on eBay for 99p and £2.50 P+P.


Mario Kart: Double Dash!! – Well, this is the Japanese version because the PAL version is really expensive. But hey, a bit of Japanese text won’t hamper my experience. I got it on eBay for 94p and £3.01 P+P.


Gegege no Kitarou – Youkai Dai Makyou – Another random Famicom game based off a manga/anime that I haven’t read. In the US, sprites were changed to become Ninja Kid but I have the real deal so that’s cool. I got it on eBay for 75p and £1.51 P+P


Wolfenstein: The New Order –  I finally have this game on my shelf…but I’m wondering whether to play this now or play Return to Castle Wolfenstein, then Wolfenstein for the PS3 or Xbox 360. I think I might do the latter. I got it on a sale at GAME for £9.99.

Now the last set of games I got at Milton Keynes and I got a 3 for 2 deal on them. And they’re all from GAME.


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Wahey! I got the standalone expansion pack to this game so I’ll have no problem taking a look at this along with The New Order. So from what I know this is a prequel to The New Order. The sticker is actually right for once, I did get it for £4.99.


Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition – I’ve been trying to collect those shmups for Xbox 360 like Akai Katana, Deathsmiles and whatnot. But I managed to get another one, Under Defeat HD and hopefully I’ll have fun with it. I got it for £7.99.


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – A hack and slash? Interesting. Capcom? Intriguing. Character customisation? Getting Warmer? The ability to play as a Strider YOU HAD ME AT HELLO!!! I got for £6.99.


Earth Defence Force 2017 – This is another series in which I wanted to pick up games for so…just like Deception…Monster Attack, PS2, released in Europe. Nice. Global Defence Force, PS2, released in Europe. Nice. Global Defence Force Tactics, PS2, released in Europe. Nice. And the rest were released in Europe. Great, another marathon I could do. I got it for £4.99.

I went back to Luton and got this…


Wartech: Senko no Ronde – I think this is another shoot ’em up. I know nothing about this but because of it’s genre and console, I had to pick it up. I got it at CeX for £1.50.


Wrath of the Black Manta – Another NES game, I’m always happy getting an NES cart good or bad game. This time, it’s a game about a ninja and it’s not Ninja Gaiden…oh, we live the UK in the 80’s, ninja is considered taboo…I don’t know why. I got it on eBay for £6.98.

Later in the month I went to CeX in Luton and got…


Dead Space – So this was a game I played on the PS3 years ago. I didn’t finish it but hey, I got it again and I can fully experience it once again. I got this for £2.


Monster Hunter – Wahey, and Monster Hunter Generations was recently released this month and great timing. Time to play the game that started it all I guess. I got it for £8.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle – Well done internet! Well done memes! You have made me interested in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I want to read the manga (uncensored please), I want to watch the anime, this art style has interested me, it’s a lot different to other anime. Whilst I’m not too big on anime, I LOVE Dragon Ball Z…probably because I’m black, I don’t know.

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