Mini-Review: South Park (N64)

Family Guy? You’re not always good at satire. South Park? You’re the reason Family Guy is so bad. But by god you’re amazing. South Park is the shameless and unapologetic cutout-styled animated series that has been airing since 1997 about four boys living in the crazy world of South Park. I love the show but since I live in the UK it’s difficult even trying to find an episode to watch on a channel, not because of censorship because South Park does air in the UK, but since I have only free channels, it’s difficult to find some episodes playing so it’s up to the internet to find newer episodes. But then I had a go at the South Park game for the N64, developed by Iguana Entertainment and published by Acclaim Entertainment and was released in 1998 in the US before getting a European release in 1999.

So a comet is about to crash land on Earth that contains concentrated evil that no one can stop it. Meanwhile, enemies of different forms attack the town and it’s up to Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny to defend their town.

So what kind of game would you make based on this cartoon? A FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER! WHAT? So maybe the gameplay may be good…yes and no. Yes being that the game plays well though you may need to get used to the N64 controls. No being that this is one of the most boring, repetitive shooters I’ve ever played…AND I’VE PLAYED GODDAMN ALIEN: COLONIAL MARINES! So you walk around shooting turkeys, which is fine except for the fact that every move you take, more turkeys spawn out of nowhere and it goes on and on. I beat about 3-4 levels and that’s ALL you do. Your default weapon is snowballs and you can also get dodgeballs which are strong for certain enemies like Tanks, giant turkeys that constantly lay eggs in the most disgusting way possible.

The graphics…despite being dated, I’m not going to heavily criticise because it is trying to make a world based off the paper-shaped world of South Park, but the draw distance is awful, why was this a problem for many N64 games? The music is awfully repetitive apart from the theme song because it’s awesome.

Overall, South Park on the N64 is ungodly boring, all you ever do is shoot things over and over and it never stops, I think the reason why many other shooters work was because it gave you a certain amount of enemies to shoot and then you go to other areas to do the same thing, giving you breathing space in-between. This game on the other hand suffocates you with endless amounts of enemies and it gets tiresome after over an hour of this. There’s better shooters out there and South Park…and Alien: Colonial Marines are not examples of those.

Oh, there is a PS1 port developed by Appaloosa Interactive, it’s the N64 port but much worse.


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