So Nintendo said that they weren’t venturing onto mobile games…and then they said they are. And here we are. When Nintendo announced that they were going into the mobile market, I didn’t care, I don’t like mobile games, I need buttons. But the first thing Nintendo has released isn’t a game, but a social networking app. Miitomo (ミートモ Mītomo), developed and published by Nintendo and was released in March 17th 2016.

So, this isn’t a game but a social network app. So how would I explain this? Well, I downloaded it, set it up, creating my Mii and giving it a distinct voice and personality, mostly based on you, and getting a friend from Facebook. And then you live in a small house walking around because why not? So the app is relatively simple, you simply talk to friends by answering questions, and it could be about anything and you can answer them. Do you know what the funny thing about this is? There’s no filters, your answers can be utter filth and the app will happily let you go with it. Because filtering content would…well, no one would use it.

A friend can answer questions, your Mii will have a speech bubble and you can answer questions from there or you can tap on your friend’s speech bubble to answer their questions. There are questions where you can answer them and it’s between you and your friend. The infinite possibilities to freak each other out…maybe. You can also take pictures of your Mii using Miifoto, you can share them with friends and online, I shared some of mine on Facebook.

You can perform a set of mundane tasks like answering questions and you get Miitomo Coins, but they can be purchased with real money because of course no one’s that stupid to do something like that? Cynicism aside, you can use these coins to buy clothes for your Mii or buy Game Tickets for the Miitomo Drop, this is a mini-game where you drop your Mii and hope that you land on a piece of exclusive clothing.

This app is also linked with your My Nintendo’s rewards scheme, something that’s supposed to replace Club Nintendo. You see, you can also earn Platinum points by doing various tasks (mundane missions) like answering to questions daily or when you use it for the first time, link your Facebook account. I could have done Twitter but I try to avoid that site like the plague, especially with that Stephen Fry incident. You can use these points to purchase things in My Nintendo.

UPDATE (as of 30th November 2016): I now have a Twitter account…yeah, I contradicted myself didn’t I.

Now before I used Miitomo, I read about how you can use these points to purchase Virtual Console games and I thought “Oh Boy”. And then I found out something that made me disappointed. You see, in order to buy the Virtual Console games, you need gold points and the only way to get these points…is to buy games from the eshop. So I might as well just buy those Virtual Console games with real money and to me, it’s near enough pointless, I used this to get Virtual Console games, so this is near enough meaningless to me.

And another issue I have with Miitomo is that…YOU NEED FRIENDS! I have only one, you need more than one friend to even enjoy it and get more stuff, which is why I’ve barely touched it in a week or since then. I mean, couldn’t Nintendo have let us simply make friends in more ways other than social media and hand to hand BS, no matter what you may think, it’s still more limited than even Facebook.

The graphics and designs are what you expect from Nintendo when it comes to Mii format and what they do. But man is this app big, it needs a lot of memory and if you have an Android phone, make sure you have one that’s compatible with the app, along with enough space.

Overall, Miitomo is not for everybody, I guess if you don’t want your children to go on Facebook or Twitter and make a complete arse of themselves in more ways than one, this may be the better alternative, as long as their friends are willing to do hand to hand. Miitomo is not for the anti-social, it near enough relies on you to have friends…well you don’t, but it’s not as fun to use. But for those who do have a lot of friends and are willing to use Miitomo, you’ll have fun with it.

You can get it for iOS and Android.

Rating: 3/5

UPDATE (as of 6th May 2016): So Nintendo is going to give us an update where you can add friends via e-mail. So now there is another way to add more friends, which is pretty cool, it may make me go back to Miitomo again. That is all.

UPDATE (as of 30th November 2016): I don’t use Miitomo and there’s nothing for me to come back to.

UPDATE (as of 27th January 2018): It’s dying! No big surprise!

You can also take a look at my Twitter page, if you like tweeting too.



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