Random Game Pickups – April 2016


Nintendo’s Golf: I finally got the Golf game for the Famicom, as I’m trying to get the Nintendo sports games…as in the ones made by Nintendo. I got the game on eBay for 98p and £1.40 P+P.


Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64): I finally got a copy of this and I enjoyed what I’ve played. I hope you’re enjoying Star Fox Zero, I ain’t played it yet but I have this for now (That is the joke…haha). I got it on eBay for £8.


Zap! Snowboarding Trix: Now this was a late one considering that I got it in March, got lost in the post so the seller had to give me another copy and here it is. I got an average game for a decent price. 99p on eBay no less.


Fester’s Quest: Inspired by AVGN, I wanted to get this game and seeing as it had a decent price, I just decided to get it. Although it’s difficult, it’s not as horrible as the US version. Yep, the European version actually made some improvements to make it a bit more competent. I got it on eBay for £6.95.


Mario Amiibo: After five Amiibos, I finally got a Mario Amiibo. I’m not going to have any space with these Amiibos around. I got it in Argos for £5.99.


Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition: A Western GTA eh? Do I need to play Red Dead Revolver before I get to this one? Eh, this is one to play soon. I got it in GAME for £4.99.


Mega Man: Legacy Collection: So we have all 6 Mega Man games in one disc…which is the NES roms…I wish I got Complete Works since it fixes the bugs. Oh well, it got me into Play Asia and I got it for £20.97. By the way, I also got this in the package for free…




Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior): Finally, my first RPG I got for the NES. And it’s a US cart and works on my slightly modded NES. I got it on eBay for £5.99 and £1.26 P+P.


Jak 3: Well I recently played the first one and it was pretty good. I already had the sequel and so I finally picked up the third one. I got it on CeX for £3.50.

So here’s some random cheap PS2 games I got from CeX:





But by far, the best pickup is the one and only…


Dalmatians 3: Why the heck was I excited for this game? Because when it comes to game collecting, there’s nothing more cancerous than getting Phoenix games. Phoenix was the LJN for the PS2 but even more shameless. Some, like this one, featured mini-games and a short film, and they’re infamous for having horrid animation and strange voice acting. And for 25p at CeX, it’s still way too expensive.

OK, that wasn’t the best pickup (Yes it was), but the best pickup was:


Pikmin…for the GameCube: Yep, I went back to get the GameCube port since last month I brought the Wii version…but screw it, I’ll get the original version too. I got it for £8 at CeX.


Zone of the Enders: HD Collection: I completely forgot about this one. Two Zone of the Enders games so I don’t have to get the hard to find sequel. I got it on eBay for £4.96.


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